Can I Sue the Doctor that Misdiagnosed Me?

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Can I Sue the Doctor that Misdiagnosed Me in Baltimore, MD for Medical Malpractice?

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Baltimore MDIf you are suffering because of a Maryland doctor’s or other healthcare practitioner’s misdiagnosis, it may be in your best interest to discuss your situation with a medical malpractice lawyer Baltimore, MD medical malpractice victims and their families can rely on.

Before answering the above question, first we must understand the background behind how doctors go about getting to the right diagnosis.

A differential diagnosis is the most common technique used by doctors to diagnose you. This includes taking an adequate history and full details of your symptoms, carrying out an examination if it is necessary, referring you to another doctor or running blood tests if needed. If these steps are taken, it will hopefully lead to an accurate diagnosis of your illness or injury without undue delay. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and countless people find themselves in need of a good medical malpractice lawyer in Baltimore, MD.

A doctor (or doctors) will either make a note in their mind or on paper about what the possible diagnoses can be. Often times there are numerous diseases or sicknesses that match up with the particular symptoms you are experiencing, so the doctor can then order tests to either confirm or to rule out certain diagnoses. So, differential diagnosis is how essentially how doctors go about trying to get to the right diagnosis for a patient. This can be difficult to do which is why so many people in Maryland find themselves in need of advice and counsel from a medical malpractice lawyer in Baltimore, MD with a track record of successfully defending medical malpractice victims and their families.

However, one must realize that the patient also plays a very important role in this process. The patient must take the time to be truthful with his or her doctor the patient. Now, if your doctor does not listen to your complaints or refuses to perform a differential diagnosis, pretty much just guessing as to what your medical diagnosis is, then a strong argument can be made that your doctor was negligent and endangered you and your health. If this is the case, it may be in your best interest to contact a medical malpractice lawyer who is licensed to practice in Baltimore, MD and its surrounding communities.

You can sue a doctor that misdiagnosed you if the misdiagnosis caused you to waste valuable time and money. When you visit a healthcare professional, you have the right to expect that they will provide you with a reasonable standard of care. Unfortunately, mistakes can be made and illnesses and injuries can be wrongly interpreted or missed altogether. If this happens you could be entitled to compensation. Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis can result in avoidable pain and suffering for patients, as well as leading to an illness advancing to an untreatable stage.

The consequences of medical malpractice can be potentially life-changing if not life-threatening. It may also mean an individual is left unable to work, and suffering financially as a result.

If this has happened to you or someone you love, discussing your rights with a medical malpractice lawyer in Baltimore, MD may help you to make more informed decisions about what your next steps should be.

Some serious conditions can initially present themselves through relatively minor symptoms, but health professionals should consider potentially serious causes which need to be ruled out. Test results such as x-rays and biopsies can also be misinterpreted, and can lead to long delays and treatment and surgery which cause further harm. You may receive lost wages if you cannot work due to misdiagnosis. Medical expenses for further and more accurate diagnoses will also be covered in compensation from a lawsuit.

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If you have experienced a misdiagnosis and want to pursue a claim against your medical provider or doctor, consider reaching out to a medical malpractice attorney today. He or she can help to assist in any questions you may have regarding the process, guide you through your specific state’s laws around it, and review your case to see if it will yield optimum results.

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