Can a Maryland Employer Deny an Employee Workers Compensation Insurance?

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workers compensation lawyers Frederick MDIf you have been denied workers compensation or if you have been offered it but think it may not be enough to fully recover from your work related injury or illness, it may be in your best interest to enlist the help of workers compensation lawyers Frederick, MD workplace injury victims and their families can trust.

Are Maryland employers required to carry workers compensation insurance?

With few exceptions, it is a requirement for employers of one or more employee in the state of Maryland to provide workers compensation coverage. They are supposed to obtain this from any insurance company licensed to write workers’ compensation insurance in the state of MD or from the Chesapeake Employers’ Insurance Company, unless they get approval to become a self-insured employer. When an employer fails to do carry workers compensation insurance, they may be subject to fines of up to $10,000.

If you were injured or became ill while at work and your employer denied your request for workers compensation, workers compensation lawyers who are licensed to practice in Frederick, MD can help you to understand your rights and what your next steps should be to try to protect you from the financial hardships that workplace injuries and illnesses often cause.

Who is supposed to pay for medical care for a workplace related injury or illness?

An employer and their workers compensation insurer are responsible for the payment of medical care and treatment of an injured employee.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies are only willing to pay the bare minimum that they can get away with paying without getting in trouble for denying a claim, even though this may not really be enough to cover medical and other expenses related to an employee’s workplace related injury or illness.

One way to try to ensure that you will get the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to is by having reliable workers compensation lawyers from Frederick, MD on your side.

Are employers required to file accident reports for an injured worker?

If an accident injures an employee and this results in the employee being disabled for a period of more than three days, the employer is responsible to report this accident to the Workers’ Compensation Commission within 10 days of being notified of the accident.

Injured employees are also responsible for filing an Employee’s Claim with the Workers’ Compensation Commission.

If a worker is injured on the job and cannot work because of this, is their employer responsible for paying the workers wages while they are absent from work?

When a worker misses work because of a disability that was caused by a workplace injury, they should not miss out on pay because of an injury that occured at work. They should receive an average weekly wage from the employer or the employer’s insurance carrier. If an employee does not receive this, it is probably time for them to get advice from workers compensation lawyers in Frederick, or anyplace else in Maryland that has lawyers licensed to practice in MD.

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