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Author Sues Motel for Posting Driver License

Author Sues Motel for Posting Driver’s License

Date08 Nov 2018


Author Sues Motel for Posting Driver LicenseKatina Powell, the author of “Breaking Cardinal Rules,” has filed a lawsuit against Clarke’s Motel in Louiseville, Kentucky, alleging that an employee posted her driver’s license on Facebook while she was staying there.

According to the lawsuit, Tara Harmon, an employee of the motel sent a copy of Powell’s driver’s license to another employee, Brad Harmon, who posted it on Facebook. They allegedly revealed her driver’s license number, date of birth, height, weight and other personal information for the purpose of exploiting her and intentionally causing emotional distress and invading her privacy.

Powell claimed the incident caused her severe emotional distress, mental and emotional suffering, humiliation and embarrassment.

“I don’t think it was fair what they did,” she said. “I did nothing to deserve what they done by posting my information and my license and all that. I think they were doing it just out of spite of what I done as far as the book.”

Powell believes the employees did it because of team loyalty.

“Because of the book,” she said. “That’s the only reason why they’d do it. They were U of L fans, so. Like I said, it was out of spite.”

“Breaking Cardinal Rules” is the book that revealed a sex scandal involving the University of Louisville basketball team. Powell claimed in the book that she hosted 22 stripping and sex parties inside Billy Minardi Hall, a dorm for athletes on the University of Louisville campus. She said that Andre McGee, a former director of basketball operations from the men’s basketball team, organized the parties and paid her $10,000 for supplying the dancers.

The lawsuit names Tara and Brad Harmon and owners Cecil Romans and Susan Roszella as the defendants and demands damages “for past and future severe mental and emotional distress and suffering, embarrassment and humiliation,” and courts costs.

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