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Antonio Brown Sued for Almost Killing Toddler

Antonio Brown Sued for Almost Killing Toddler

Date09 Oct 2018

Antonio Brown Sued for Almost Killing Toddler

A man has filed a lawsuit against Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, claiming he came close to killing his 22-month-old child when he threw furniture off a balcony in April.

According to the lawsuit, the toddler was walking around the pool at an apartment complex with her grandfather when two vases, an ottoman and other pieces of furniture started to fall. These objects landed just 2 feet away from them.

Earlier that day, Brown called the police to report a theft. When they came to his home, he started yelling at security and accused them of setting him up.

“Mr. Brown was extremely agitated, acting aggressively, and yelling at security personnel when [police] arrived to the scene,” the toddler’s father, Ophir Sternberg said.

“Mr. Brown was with his trainer and another gentleman who were trying to calm him down,” the police report said. “Apparently when Mr. Brown got upset he started throwing things in the apartment and the coffee table glass was broken along with a few other minor objects. He also threw some objects from the balcony into the pool area causing minor damage there as well. No one was hurt as a result of these actions.”

Sternberg claims that Brown knowingly inflicted emotional distress and that his daughter displays signs of fear and anxiety and has night tremors every night. He is seeking more than $15,000 in damages from the lawsuit.

A second lawsuit was filed against Brown by his landlord. According to the lawsuit, Brown “breached his lease by destroying, damaging, defacing the premises, as well as furnishings, appliances and other items” that belonged to the condo.

Brown hasn’t offered to pay for any of the damages.

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