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Workers Compensation Lawyers Maryland

Can Maryland Workers Compensation lawyers Help Machinery Accident Victims?

Can Maryland Workers Compensation lawyers Help Machinery Accident VictimsDepending on the specifics of your particular machinery accident or work related injury, workers compensation lawyers Maryland machinery accident victims recommend, may be able to help.

Machinery Accidents and Workers Compensation Benefits

On the job machinery accidents are a frequent cause of injuries and even death. Our workers compensation lawyers at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. are all too familiar with the potentially catastrophic results of these unfortunate accidents. Sadly, to compound a worker’s horrific injuries, workers are often taken advantage of by their employer and their employer’s workers compensation insurer. As a result, the injured worker may not receive the compensation and other benefits to which they are entitled. Cohen & Cohen, P.C. is dedicated to preserving the rights of injured workers and helping them to get fair compensation. If you were seriously hurt in a machinery accident while working, contact us immediately to find out how our Maryland workers compensation lawyers may be able to help you.

Workers Compensation Benefits

When someone is injured while at work, regardless of how the accident occurred, in most instances they are eligible to receive workers compensation benefits. The benefits do not usually replace the worker’s normal level of pay—you will receive a portion of your wages. In addition, despite the severity of your injury and the duration of recovery time you require, the benefits will terminate after a predetermined period of time. As a result, if you suffered a permanent injury, a long term injury and will not recovery fully, you will not be compensated as such. Moreover, you cannot include pain and suffering among your injury related damages. For these reasons, it’s extremely important to contact workers compensation lawyers from our firm who are licensed to protect people in Maryland before you accept benefits- because once you sign on the dotted line, alternate compensation avenues will not be available to you.

Machinery Accident Injuries

By their very nature, machinery accident injuries are often catastrophic if not fatal. If you lost a loved one to a work related machinery accident, call Cohen & Cohen, P.C. without delay to learn what options you have to get justice on behalf of your loved one. If you are the injured worker and your injury is serious, it’s important to consider the long term implications. It’s not uncommon for workers compensation benefits to fall far short of what the worker requires in order to recover their injury related damages. Your Maryland workers compensation lawyers may recommend filing a personal injury claim rather than accept workers compensation benefits. In this way, you may be able to recover the following damages (if they apply) from your machinery accident:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Long term medical treatment, including anticipated surgeries and physical therapy
  • Full wage replacement including bonuses and other compensation that you otherwise would have earned but for your injury preventing you from working
  • Long term psychological counseling for post-traumatic stress syndrome
  • Punitive damages (if the responsible party acted willfully and maliciously with the goal of hurting you)

For help in determining whether or not you should file a Maryland workers compensation claim, discuss your situation with reputable lawyers who are experienced with defending the rights of injured people.

Protect Your Rights as an Injured Worker

Though you have been a long term, loyal worker, your status may change abruptly and in significant ways if you suffer a catastrophic injury while on the job. You may be devastated to find that your employer is not interested in protecting your rights. Cohen & Cohen, P.C. vigorously defends the rights of our clients. If we represent you, we will make every effort to obtain the maximum possible amount of compensation on your behalf. Call us today to learn more from our workers compensation lawyers.

For workers compensation lawyers Maryland work accident victims and their families can rely on, contact Cohen & Cohen, P.C. today for a free case evaluation with no obligations.

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