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Why Commercial Truck Drivers Should Never Drive Sleepy

How a Reston, VA truck accident lawyer can help you

Reston VA truck accident lawyerA Reston, VA truck accident lawyer knows all too well that driving for long periods of time without rest is bound to make any person exhausted. Of all the drivers out there, commercial truck drivers are the ones who must make strict deadlines across a wide distance, all the while safely getting from point A to point B. To be considered a commercial truck, the vehicle must weigh at least 10,000 pounds or more. Then, fully stocked this hefty truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. The commercial truck driver has a very serious role to play in getting these large quantities of products or chemicals to the assigned destination. Sometimes, the chemicals being carried are hazardous, which can put others at risk if a crash and leak were to happen.

Unfortunately, a Reston, VA truck accident lawyer can inform you that the pressures of having to make certain deadlines can lead a driver to skipping breaks and losing out on much needed sleep. Here in this article, we have answered a few questions about why a commercial truck driver should never drive while tired, and what you can do if you are ever hit by this robust vehicle.

Why is truck drivers getting on the road while tired a big deal?

While a small amount of tiredness while driving may not lead to disaster per say, driving while sleep-deprived certainly can. When we are void of sleep, our mental functions can become impaired. Also, we may then enter periods of microsleep in our body’s attempt to gain back rest. An experienced Reston, VA truck accident lawyer will know that signs that a truck driver may be lacking rest or experiencing microsleep while driving include:

  1. A blank stare straight ahead
  2. Frequent & slow blinking
  3. Sudden jolt of the body
  4. Dropping head down and jerking back up again
  5. Intensively yawning
  6. Trouble keeping eyes open

What causes microsleep to happen?

Microsleep can be caused due to excessive sleepiness, and is usually combined with a person having to perform some sort of monotonous and repetitive task. When we are so sleepy but are forcing ourselves to stay awake, parts of our brain may fall asleep while we are actually still awake. Then, an experienced Reston, VA truck accident lawyer will inform you that the next stage after that is microsleep, where our awareness is temporarily disabled and we are no longer capable of responding to what is going on in our environment. If you can imagine a truck driver entering microsleep even for only a few seconds while on the road, it can be easy to picture the tragedy which can unfold.

What should I do if I am ever hit by a truck driver?

Being hit by a truck that weighs thousands and thousands of pounds can quickly turn into a life-threatening scenario. So, you should never wait to get medical attention. Get your injuries taken care of at the scene, and then follow up with your doctor. If you have suffered costly injuries and damages as a result of the collision, you may want to meet with an attorney. A Reston, VA truck accident lawyer can advise you on how to go about seeking compensation for your losses. Depending on how the accident happened, the truck driver and/or commercial trucking company may be held responsible.

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