What to do When an Uber Driver Hits a Pedestrian

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How a personal injury attorney Rockville, MD residents trust can help you when you are hit by an Uber vehicle

car accident lawyer Gaithersburg MDGetting hit by an Uber can be traumatic and may require the help of a personal injury attorney Rockville, MD residents rely on. Were you walking somewhere when an Uber driver hit you? Are you now suffering from a serious injury? If so, you may be eligible for a settlement. Uber accident lawyer work hard to protect the rights of injury victims like you who have suffered from the negligence of Uber and Lyft drivers. In fact, if you were seriously hurt by any rideshare driver, most personal injury law firms will provide free consultation to discuss your case with an experienced Uber accident lawyer. During that meeting you may gain the insight you need to make an informed decision about moving forward with your case.

Uber Drivers

A skilled personal injury attorney in Rockville, MD will tell you that the question of whether or not an Uber driver is an independent contractor or an employee of Uber has great bearing on victims of accidents involving their drivers. As a pedestrian who was hit by an Uber driver, does your Uber accident lawyer seek compensation from the driver or from Uber? In April of 2018, a federal judge ruled that Uber drivers are not employees of the company and are in fact independent contractors. Of course, any kind of legislation or court rulings are subject to change, particularly by an appeals court. This is one reason why it’s so important to consult an experienced personal injury attorney from Rockville, MD about pending changes to current laws. However, for the time being your lawyer will likely file a personal injury claim on your behalf with the driver’s insurance company.

The Potential Severity of Injuries to Pedestrians

Depending on exactly when your accident occurred, you may not have immediately realized the severity of your injury or injuries. Some of the most serious types of injuries, including closed head or brain injuries, do not always present symptoms until hours or days later. Some injuries are more obvious, but they increase in severity over time rather than improve. The most important thing to do after getting hit by a vehicle – which any good Rockville, MD personal injury lawyer will inform you – is to undergo a comprehensive medical exam. The physician can perform a series of diagnostic tests that will look for issues that you may not yet be aware of, such as hairline fractures, blood clots, etc. An early diagnosis could save your life. After you see a doctor, if they diagnose a serious issue call your lawyer.

The Rights of Pedestrians

The Uber driver may have claimed that they are not responsible for hitting you or for your injury because of any number of reasons. They may have told you that you were jaywalking, and so you were in the wrong. (The fact is, pedestrians always have the right-of-way, and nothing excuses a vehicle running over a pedestrian.) It doesn’t matter what they told you—call a personal injury lawyer Rockville, MD trusts who has a thorough understanding of motor vehicle laws. Call Cohen & Cohen today to arrange a free consultation with an personal injury lawyer who specializes in Uber accidents and can protect your rights.

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