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Personal Injury Lawyer College Park MD

An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer College Park MD Appreciates

Personal Injury Lawyer College Park MDCohen and Cohen, P.C. attorneys are the kind of licensed and experienced personal injury lawyer College Park MD is long familiar with. We have a longstanding reputation for helping people who have experienced injuries through no fault of their own. You may be entitled to a financial settlement if you have been negligently harmed in a physical or a mental capacity. If you feel this may be true for you, do not delay in contacting Cohen and Cohen as there is a statute of limitations in the state of Maryland for personal injury cases.

Types of Personal Injuries

In many people’s minds, personal injuries are limited to the physical, “broken bones” variety. While physical injuries certainly qualify, there are other injuries that you may have experienced through no fault of your own that also qualify. Personal injuries include losing any of your five senses due to negligence on the part of another toward you: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and feeling. A College Park MD personal injury lawyer such as Cohen and Cohen can help you determine if the clinically determined degree of impairment suffered by one of your five senses constitutes a lawsuit against the individual or company at fault.

Making a Good Case

Proving damages of any of the five senses can be challenging, and so it makes sense to choose a personal injury lawyer College Park MD residents turn to for experience in this area. Cohen and Cohen will work with you to determine if a lawsuit should go forward on your behalf. Part of the process may involve relying on the expertise of medical professionals who can testify that your injuries are real and deserving of compensation. They can help prove the validity of your claims to a jury and judge in a court of law. The loss of taste or smell is not frivolous. Not only can these injuries cause a loss of enjoyment or embarrassment, which in themselves qualify as personal injuries, they can cause additional harm. What if there is a gas leak in your home that you cannot detect because your sense of smell has been destroyed? What if you mistakenly eat powdered detergent that you mistake for powdered sugar because you no longer have your sense of taste? Speak to a personal injury lawyer in College Park MD about these and other potential issues.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer College Park MD Trusts

These are serious concerns that can affect your long and short term quality of life. A personal injury lawyer College Park MD residents count on such as Cohen and Cohen can help you get the compensation you deserve for injuries suffered through no fault of your own. A College Park MD personal injury lawyer should be your next phone call. Delaying may cause you further harm if you run out of time to file a lawsuit against the wrongful parties. Filing suit sooner rather than later can also help you get back on the road to recovery. Cohen and Cohen, P.C. is a personal injury lawyer College Park MD can put their trust in; contact us, today.

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