What is a Major Factor in Motor Bike Accidents?

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Motor Bike Accident Lawyer Frederick, MD

What is a Major Factor in Motor Bike AccidentsWhile a motor bike accident lawyer Frederick, MD motor bike riders recommend cannot go back in time to prevent a motor bike accident from happening, they may be able to help you get compensation for expenses that are caused by your unfortunate accident.

Motor bike collisions are one of the most common types of vehicle-related accidents in the United States. When these incidents occur, the injuries a rider may suffer from can range greatly in severity. The luckiest of riders may only endure a few bruises and a scraped knee, while others may become unconscious after impact and require the rider being transferred to the nearest emergency room.

Our team of lawyers at Cohen & Cohen understand that as a motorcyclist, you may be faced with insurmountable loss from being hit by a car driver. Sadly, car drivers do not always pay enough attention when it comes to motor bikes that may be cruising in the nearby lane.

At our law firm, we have seen too many people becoming victims simply because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Due to the high frequency of vehicle vs motor bike accidents, a rider may eventually wonder why these crashes happen so often in our society.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a Frederick, MD motor bike accident, it may be in your best interest to discuss what your rights are with a reputable personal injury lawyer who is experienced with successfully defending the rights of motor bike victims and their families.

Here in the article below, we have delved into one major factor for why these accidents may be so prevalent.

The Distracted Driver

In today’s society, people can be found glued to their cell phones while going about their day. We may see people in public almost walking into poles, other objects or even each other when passing on the sidewalk. This addiction to cell phones may not halt when a person gets into the driver’s seat of their vehicle. A driver who is distracted due to texting, making a phone call, playing a game or something else, can cause a tragic wreck. In many cases, such distraction can result in an innocent motor bike rider suffering the terrible consequences of this behavior. Riders who have been hit by a distracted driver may want to meet with lawyers at Cohen & Cohen as soon as possible.  If we do not have motor bike accident lawyer who is particularly well-suited to your specific case, we would like to try to help you to find one who is.

Signs to Watch Out For

The signs associated with a driver being distracted may be obvious, or more concealed. Despite some states having made it illegal to use a handheld cell phone while operating a vehicle, drivers may attempt to hide this through a variety of strategies anyway. Here are just a few signs that a driver may be using a cell phone while behind the wheel:

  • Frequently glancing down into lap for brief or prolonged periods of time (phone may be hidden in lap area)
  • Driver is slow to respond when a light turns green while at a stoplight
  • The vehicle may swerve within the same lane or across many, then suddenly pull back

If you suspect that the driver whose negligence caused your motor bike accident was using their cell phone, it may be time to enlist the help of a qualified Frederick, MD lawyer.

Seeking Legal Action

What a large percentage of motor bike riders may not realize, is that seeking legal action against the driver that caused the accident may be possible. Many riders may choose to file a civil lawsuit in order to seek retribution for motor bike repairs, medical care costs and other financial losses due to the accident. Lawyers at Cohen & Cohen can offer advice, guidance and representation. Please call us to receive a free initial consultation to find more about how we may be able to protect your and your family’s rights.

For a highly rated motor bike accident lawyer Frederick, MD residents recommend, contact Cohen & Cohen any time of the day or night, any day of the year.

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