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Product Defect Washington DC

Product Defect Attorney Washington DC

Our lives are shaped by products.  Almost every second of every day we are surrounded by products that were designed, manufactured, and distributed by people we will never meet.  When you are the passenger in a car, you understand that you are trusting the driver to get you to your destination safely.  But you are also putting your trust in the assembly line worker who built the frame, the engineer who designed the steering column, and the safety expert who decided how to position the seatbelt.  And just like everyone else, these people make mistakes.

The sad truth is, products malfunction all the time.  Every time you hear about a product recall on the nightly news, you are hearing about a defective product.  And it’s also true that defective products are a significant cause of injury.  Whether it’s the lawn mower that flips over, the extension cord that sparks a house fire, a medical implant that malfunctions, or a crib that breaks, when a product is defective the results are often devastating.

Defective product cases can also be extremely difficult to win.  Most of the time, the victim will be up against a large corporation with the resources, the expertise, and the motivation to fight the claim all the way – even in cases where fault is clear.  That is why, to win a product defect case you need the best product defect attorneys.

The experienced product defect lawyers at Cohen & Cohen have decades of experience handling every aspect of product defect cases.  We have litigated design defect cases, defective manufacturing cases, and failure to warn cases.  We have taken on the powerful corporate defendants and won.  We don’t get intimidated.

If you or someone you know has been hurt by a defective product, call us today for a free consultation.


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