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Product Defect Maryland

Product Defect Attorney Maryland

Product Defect Attorney MarylandIf you suffered injuries from a faulty product, it may be worth it to speak to a product defect attorney Maryland residents trust. Product manufacturers have a legal obligation to ensure their products are safe for the public. Unfortunately, they sometimes make mistakes. People use defective products every day and suffer serious injuries because of it.

At Cohen & Cohen P.C., we have decades of experience handling products defect cases and are here to assist you. We know how devastating it is to suffer injuries from a faulty product and want to help you get justice.

Common Types of Defective Product Cases

As a product defect attorney in Maryland can attest, almost all consumer products can be dangerous if they aren’t manufactured properly. Individuals who hurt themselves using a consumer product may be entitled to compensation. Let’s take a closer look at the common types of defective product cases:

  • Vehicles: Car manufacturers are legally obligated to design vehicles that are safe for drivers and passengers. If they fail to do this, many parts of the vehicle can malfunction, including the brakes, airbags and tires. A product defect attorney Maryland locals respect has represented individuals who suffered numerous injuries, like bone fractures and brain injuries, from defective vehicles.
  • Food: Food can cause food poisoning and other illnesses in consumers if it is stored improperly or contaminated. If an individual proves that a food company acted negligently, such as not adhering to sanitary standards, he or she may win compensation.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Drug manufacturers have to follow the FDA’s regulations when manufacturing and selling their pharmaceuticals. They also have to warn consumers about the potential side effects of every drug. If they fail to do this and a person gets injured because of it, that person has a right to hire a product defect attorney Maryland residents rely on and file a lawsuit against the drug manufacturer.
  • Toys: Many kids are injured by defective toys every year. Toys that most frequently cause injuries include balloons, toys with cords and rocking horses. If children suffered injuries from a faulty toy, their parents may file a lawsuit against the toy manufacturer.
  • Medical Devices: Medical devices are supposed to help people, but they can do more harm if manufactured improperly, as a Maryland product defect attorney can confirm. Common defective medical devices include cardiac stents and transvaginal mesh.
  • Cosmetics: Cosmetics make up a large percentage of product defect cases. If makeup products aren’t manufactured correctly, they can result in serious injuries in consumers, including skin infections, vision loss and permanent or temporary disfigurement.

If you got hurt by a defective product, don’t let the manufacturer get away with it. If you hire a product defect attorney Maryland locals depend on, he or she may help you bring a lawsuit against the manufacturer and protect your best interests.

If you are ready to hire a product defect attorney Maryland offers, we encourage you to give us a call today to set up a free consultation.


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