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Product Defect Lawyer Baltimore MD

Product Liability Cases and Strict Liability

If you’ve been injured because something went wrong with a product, you’ve probably considered contacting a product defect lawyer Baltimore MD residents turn to in these situations. Product liability law can be tricky, so it may be in your best interest to find a Baltimore MD product defect lawyer as soon as possible after your injury occurs. Proving liability is necessary in any defect case, and one theory that may be an option for you is strict liability.

What is Strict Liability?

Any product defect lawyer Baltimore MD offers may tell you that strict liability has very specific rules. Strict liability was developed because it is very difficult, and sometimes even impossible, for a consumer to prove when and how the manufacturer was careless in making the product.

A product defect lawyer in Baltimore MD may describe strict liability as a way for the consumer to receive compensation from the manufacturer or seller of a product without having to prove negligence. A strict liability claim may be a good way to recover compensation when you’re injured by a defective product.

Strict Liability Rules

It doesn’t matter what a seller or manufacturer may say about their product, an individual can make a strict liability claim if they were injured without needing to prove carelessness. Your product defect lawyer Baltimore MD residents rely on may be able to explain in further detail, but the rules surrounding strict liability are as follows:

There was an “unreasonably dangerous” defect in the product that caused injuries to the consumer. A defect can be an issue with anything from the design process, to the manufacturing process, to the shipping process.

The product was used as it was intended to be used and the product itself caused an injury.

The product wasn’t substantially changed from it’s original condition at the time of purchase. Any product defect lawyer Baltimore MD consumers depend on may be able to help define “substantially” for you in this case, but in general it means that modifications were made that affected how the product performed.

Important Things to Consider

If you were made aware of the product defect by a product recall, but continued to use the product anyway and were injured, it may be impossible for you to recover any damages because in this case, you would be the negligent party. Your lawyer may be able to discuss your individual case with you and determine if any recalls came into play that would hurt your case.

Strict liability was designed to make it easier on the consumer to recover damages in cases where a product was defective and caused injuries. If you are able to understand a little about the process, it may be easier to move forward.

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