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Priest Sexual Assault Lawyers Washington DC

Priest Sexual Assault Lawyers Washington DC

Priest Sexual Assault Lawyers Washington DCOur Priest Sexual Assault Lawyers Washington DC victims trust at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. knows that most sexual assault incidents go unreported in the United States and beyond. Many people are abused sexually as a child or young adult and repress these membories until they resurface later on in life once in adulthood. Survivors may believe that the abuse happened too long ago to pursue legal action, which in many instances is just not true. We offer free initial consultation at no pressure or obligation, just so victims of sexual assault can understand their options moving forward.

Perhaps more than ever before, survivors of sexual assault at the hands of a priest are more empowered to come forward with their story and stand up to their attackers. The institutions that employ these people are also being held accountable in the lawsuits, since they allowed such crimes to happen.

How a Lawsuit Can Help Survivors Recover

We understand that bringing your story to light can be very emotionally challenging. Maybe you have memories about past abuse but they are fuzzy or seem dream-like as if they didn’t really happen. It can all feel overwhelming when first reflecting on the past, so please know that there are compassionate legal professionals such as ourselves who can guide you through the process. We can also look into getting you a therapist so you can address the incident with a trusted person and work towards healing.

We have won cases for clients in the past, and have seen how winning a case can jolt them forward in their recovery. There is probably no other feeling like obtaining justice from an offender for a traumatic event. Our team of dedicated Lawyers for Priest Sexual Assault in Washington DC can work relentlessly for your behalf during this difficult time. 

Filing a Sexual Assault Claim Against the Church

Sexual assault can leave physical and emotional injuries that last for years, or a lifetime. Survivors may struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, despression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, and many more. With all that has happened, the idea of talking about the abuse with a lawyer can feel impossible. We believe strongly that victims of priest assault and molestation are entitled to receiving financial restitution for the horrific treatment they went through as children or young adults. We know that no amount of money can completely erase what happened, but having the finances to live the best life possible from here on out can help. 

Free Consultation at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. 

We are committed to helping victims of sexual abuse pursue justice and compensation for everything they have endured in the past. If you or a family member needs legal support, please call Cohen & Cohen, P.C. to reserve your free consultation with our Washington, DC Priest Sexual Assault Lawyers as soon as possible. 

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