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Administrator Sues for Sexual Assault Claim

Administrator Sues for Sexual Assault Claim

Date10 Jan 2019

Administrator Sues for Sexual Assault Claim

Ronda Motykowski, a former dean of students at the Omaha all-girls Catholic school, has filed a defamation lawsuit against Adrianna Magistro, accusing her of making a false sexual claim against her.

According to the lawsuit, Magistro spread “false and defamatory” statements against her to get her fired. The statements even prompted a former student to start an online petition asking students and family members to stop funding the school until she was fired.

The lawsuit adds that the accusations caused a disruption in the school because school administrators put Motykowski on an indefinite leave of absence on Oct. 19. She resigned from her position on Dec. 5.

Motykowski says that she never sexually assaulted Magistro and that they had a consensual sexual relationship in January and February 2016. In February of that year, Magistro brought her a Valentine’s day gift and propositioned her.

In Magistro’s countersuit, she alleges that Motykowski made inappropriate comments, and gave her gifts and alcohol when she started working at the school in 2014. She first worked in a clerical position and became a teacher a year later.

On one occasion in February 2016, Magistro claims that Motykowski came to her house drunk, held her arms down and pushed her down to the floor and put her fingers inside her vagina.

Magistro reported the incident to the Omaha Police Department on Oct. 23, 2018. The matter is currently under investigation.

Magistro says that school administrators were indifferent when she informed them about the sexual assault. The counter complaint claims that Marion’s administrators sustained a culture that “supported same-sex predatory behaviors by Motykowski.”

The, “plaintiff, known to be in a long-term relationship with at least one Marian employee in the past, and other senior administrators, perpetuated a culture of secrecy related to their sexuality due to Catholic teaching, fearing for their job safety,” the countercomplaint says.

Motykowski is seeking damages for past, present and future wages, humiliation and injury to her reputation and esteem in the community.


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