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Priest Sexual Abuse Lawyers Washington DC

Priest Sexual Abuse Lawyers Washington DC

Priest Sexual Abuse Lawyers Washington DCOur Priest Sexual Abuse Lawyers Washington DC families trust at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. understand that as a parent, realizing your child may be enduring abuse is a horrific thought. Tragically, incidents of sexual abuse happen and we want parents to know that we take our role very seriously in seeking justice for your son or daughter. If you suspect something just isn’t quite right, then you may want to listen to your gut and get a consultation so you know what your options are.

Abuse by the hands of a priest or church clergy is one of the most traumatizing and dehumanizing experiences a person can be subjected to. Not only does it violate the victim, but it can cause a lifetime of suffering that is difficult to recover from. We can do everything within our legal power to obtain a sense of justice for your children. 

Consequences of Priest Sexual Abuse

Children and young aduts that are sexually abused can have lasting injuries that may never entirely heal from. Most abuse victims are ashamed and terrified to come forward out of fear of not being believed. Victims may attempt to hide their pain and don’t seek the help they need. The priests who abuse children are aware of what they are doing and know they may be too afraid to say anything about it. An abuser rarely hurts just one child. So as a victim comes forward, chances are others will too.

The most tragic consequence of priest sexual abuse is mental health struggles. Children tend to feel alone in their experience, have loss of self-esteem, no longer have fun with their hobbies, and may withdraw from loved ones. The justice system is here to punish those who take advantage of others, especially those who are naive and innocent. If your child is exhibiting the following behaviors, we encourage you to consider getting a consultation with our Washington, DC Priest Sexual Abuse Lawyers as soon as possible:

  • Sudden changes in behavior, such as being clingy, aggressive, trouble sleeping, and wetting the bed
  • Avoiding a certain person and seems afraid to be left alone with them
  • Displaying inappropriate sexual behavior, as children who are abused are more likely to engage in ways that are sexually explicit at a young age
  • Problems at school due to difficulty concentrating and learning
  • Dropping hints and clues that sexual abuse may be happening without saying it verbally outright

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We are empathetic to the fact that you may be having a hard time accepting that your child was sexually abused by someone who you thought was a trusted member of the church. You can trust us with sensitive information, as we are on your side. If you are worried about your child and believe they have faced abuse at the hands of a church clergy member, call Cohen & Cohen, P.C. to learn about your options from our Washington, DC Lawyers for Priest Sexual Abuse. 

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