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Motorcycle Road Rage

How a motorcycle accident lawyer Frederick, MD residents trusts can help

motorcycle accident lawyer Frederick MDNobody expects to need a motorcycle accident lawyer Frederick MD residents rely on. Being the victim of road rage or witnessing it can be quite frightening, because it can happen out of nowhere. You also cannot figure out the other driver’s intentions, so you do not know how to predict their next move. Perceived negligent actions on the part of another driver can result in road rage. For example, if a driver is cut off and has to slam on the brakes, they might race around whoever cut them off, drive side by side and yell at them through the window. In some events, though rare, a driver with road rage has pulled a gun out and shot the other driver. Any one of these examples may require a motorcycle accident lawyer in Frederick, MD.

Additionally, other cases that show road rage and negligence are a driver forgetting to use their indicator before moving lanes, a motorcyclist passing a driver too quickly, and a driver following behind another car or motorcycle too closely.

Who is Liable for a Motorcycle Road Rage Incident?

The NHTSA, or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, reported last year that over half of drivers who are considered to be the victim of road rage have exhibited similar road rage behaviors themselves. Even though obscene gestures and tailgating another car are annoying and dangerous, they are not considered crimes by law. Sometimes, victims of road rage retaliate. A motorcycle accident lawyer from Frederick, MD will advise against retaliation. This retaliation can include the victim intentionally hitting the vehicle of the road rage driver, the victim running the road rage driver off of the road, and the victim leaving their car and physically or verbally attacking the road rage driver.  If a victim committed any these acts, they can be held accountable and even sued by the assaulted road rage driver.

Penalties Associated with Motorcycle Road Rage

If a road rage incident results in an assault, whoever was the perpetrator will be penalized. If the road rage driver is at fault, you should definitely think about filing an insurance claim or a civil lawsuit against the driver. You can sue for a few things like lost wages, medical expenses and even emotional trauma if the injuries were intentional. Alongside filing an insurance claim and civil lawsuit, you should also call the police and document the incident. You can even press criminal charges against the other driver. If there were any witnesses around at the time of the event, their testimonies can be especially helpful in your claim.

If you or someone you know has experienced motorcycle road rage, do not hesitate to reach out to Cohen & Cohen, P.C. and we will happily set you up with a motorcycle accident lawyer Frederick, MD residents have counted on for years.

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