How Does Microsleep Affect Truck Drivers?

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How a Reston, VA trucking accident lawyer can help you

Trucking accident lawyers Reston, VAAccording to a skilled Reston, VA trucking accident lawyer, by definition, microsleep is a brief episode of sleep that can last a fraction of a second, up to half a minute long. Those who drive before getting their morning coffee may not be tired enough to cause a tragic accident. However, commercial truck drivers who get behind the wheel for extended periods of time during normal sleeping hours, may be putting others on the road at risk. Here in the article to follow, we have gone into further detail about how microsleep can affect truck drivers and what to do if you are hit by a commercial truck.

Why is microsleep something that affects truck drivers?

Truck drivers have a unique job in that they have to haul their truckload of goods from one location another as safely as possible. But, the pressure of meeting these deadlines may influence a driver to skip out on much needed breaks. A skilled Reston, VA trucking accident lawyer knows all too well that driving for several hours straight can lead to exhaustion and boredom while behind the wheel.

Microsleep can affect truck drivers because this condition often happens both when a person is sleep deprived, and when they are performing a monotonous activity. Truck drivers may skip out on sleep in order to get ahead of schedule, and may have to drive down straight and boring roads on top of that.

What are signs that a truck driver is going through microsleep?

If you are on the road and observe a truck swerving or otherwise acting oddly in the lane, it is possible that microsleep is the culprit. A Reston, VA trucking accident lawyer will tell you that it is crucial to know that microsleep can even happen when the eyes are still open, and can occur without the person even knowing it. Here are just a few signs that a driver may be experiencing microsleep:

  • The driver has a bored, blank stare while looking straight ahead
  • The driver’s head is drooping down then jolting back up, as if nodding off
  • The driver has slow, but excessive blinking
  • The driver appears to have trouble keeping eyes open
  • The driver is frequently yawning

If hit by a truck driver, should a person meet with an Reston, VA trucking accident lawyer for advice?

If a truck driver were to hit another car on the road, the results could be devastating. The typical commercial truck can weigh an average of fifty thousand pounds. This sheer weight being forced upon a standard passenger vehicle can cause a life-threatening situation. Any person involved in such an accident should call for an ambulance and police right away. If you or a loved one was struck by a truck driver, you should put your health first and never shrug off any aches or pains you feel at the scene. What may be a bruise or little pain afterwards, could be signs of a more serious condition to come.

What if I had to go to the emergency room, and now have medical bills?

Those who have suffered financial losses due to being in a truck accident, often turn to an attorney for legal advice. Depending on your situation, you may be able to seek compensation from the truck driver or trucking company for your medical costs.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a truck accident, do not hesitate to reach out to Cohen & Cohen and we will be more than happy to set you up with a Reston, VA trucking accident lawyer on our team.

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