How Do Commercial Truck Accidents Happen?

Frequently Asked Questions

Trucking accident lawyers Reston, VA residents rely on have the answers

truck accident lawyer Gaithersburg MDTrucking accident lawyers Reston, VA residents trust know that accidents happen all the time between drivers on the road. One of the more serious and potentially fatal car crashes are those that involve commercial trucks. To be considered a commercial truck, a vehicle must have a starting weight of 10,000 pounds, and may reach an upwards of 80,000 pounds fully stocked. If you factor in the fact that some truck drivers become fatigued behind the wheel, you can only imagine the type of disaster that can occur.

How do truck drivers get distracted?

People getting distracted behind the wheel happens so often, and truck drivers are no exception. Trucking accident lawyers in Reston, VA will likely inform you that long drives down straight roads can get boring very quickly, so a driver may be tempted to check their cell phone to send a quick text or phone call. Also, in order to get ahead of schedule, a truck driver may grab food to go and eat while driving. Reaching over to grab chips, a napkin or other item may seem like a small gesture, but taking our eyes away from the road for even a few seconds can cause a tragic accident to arise. It would be better for a truck driver to take a break and enjoy a meal sitting in a restaurant so they can not only be safer, but also get some rest time in too.

What is truck driver fatigue?

Skilled trucking accident lawyers from Reston, VA can inform you that when truck drivers feel they must get to a certain destination on-time, they may be tempted to drive for excessive durations without any breaks. They may also drive during standard sleeping hours, from around 10pm to 6am, in order to avoid traffic. The downside to this is that a person’s body system can get confused as to when it is supposed to be in sleep and wake mode. If a truck driver does not get the rest he or she needs, the body may also respond by entering periods of microsleep.

What is microsleep and why is it so serious?

Trucking accident lawyers in Reston, VA will tell you that microsleep can happen when the body is so exhausted that it is desperate to get rest, even for fractions of a second. Microsleep can last up to about half a minute, which is plenty long enough for a truck driver to swerve into another lane, plow through a red light, or cause an accident to happen in some other way. Signs that a truck driver near you may be neglecting his or her sleep can include:

  1. Head keeps falling forward, then jerking suddenly up again as if nodding off
  2. Their eyes appear to be droopy or are having difficulty keeping them open
  3. The driver appears disheveled, dazed or is yawning frequently
  4. The truck is swerving into the next lane, then abruptly being pulled back

What should I do if I am hit by a truck driver?

All car accidents should be taken seriously, especially those that involve a commercial truck. You should immediately get medical attention while at the scene so your injuries can receive prompt care. Then, you may want to meet with trucking accident lawyers Reston, VA residents count on to get more information about seeking financial retribution and justice.

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