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Workers Compensation Lawyer Baltimore MD

Workers Compensation Lawyer Baltimore MDA Workers Compensation Lawyer in Baltimore, MD from Cohen and Cohen, P.C. knows that workers’ comp claims may be denied for a myriad of reasons. And when this happens, it can leave employees overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. By consulting with our team, we can let you know what your options are and how we can protect you. By following these suggestions, you are more likely to be approved for workers’ compensation benefits. However, you may still be denied despite abiding by the information below. If that is the case, when we compel you to come forward and speak with a member of our team now.

Document your injuries. 

Take pictures of your visible injuries and what may have caused the accident. Document the scene and gather evidence before it can be cleaned up. If your employer was negligent to attend to a hazard, they may attempt to fix the issue and make it seem like they aren’t at-fault for what happened. If you were injured at work, you deserve to find out if you are eligible for workers compensation benefits and if your coverage is fair.

File before the deadline.

Do not wait and see how your injuries may worsen. Get medical care the same day as the accident if you can. If you were traveling for work, you may still be entitled to treatment for your injuries. As your MD Workers Compensation Lawyer in Baltimore will urge you to do, be sure to request the relevant documentation to fill out and file it before the deadline passes.

Receive unbiased care.

By law, you may have to visit a doctor chosen by your employer’s insurance company for at least the initial appointment. But if you suspect the doctor is biased and doesn’t listen to your concerns, then you may be permitted to see a second doctor to compare diagnosis and treatment plans. Depending on the laws for your state, you may be able to change doctors. If you are in any way unhappy with your medical care after a workplace injury incident, you should call us. 

Follow doctor’s orders.

You have to follow the doctor’s orders for your treatment, and if you don’t, then you risk your benefits being cancelled altogether. If you are worried that the care plan isn’t suitable for you and that it may actually harm your health, then a lawyer should intervene before the matter escalates. 

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