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Workers Compensation: When It’s Time to Get a Lawyer

Silver Spring, MD workers compensation lawyers have the answers

Silver Spring MD workers compensation lawyersSilver Spring, MD workers compensation lawyers will likely inform you that if you were hurt at work, and your injury or illness is serious then you should qualify for workers compensation benefits. However, as a workers compensation lawyer might also tell you, it doesn’t always work that way. In fact, all too often, an injured worker is taken advantage of by the insurance company and they don’t receive the benefits they deserve. If you were injured on the job and you have not received your benefits within a reasonable amount of time, call a trusted law firm today. If you were offered far less in benefits than your injury costs, call.  Silver Spring, MD workers compensation lawyers have helped thousands of injured workers get the compensation they deserve. If you sustained a serious injury while working, contact a law firm near you for a free consultation with a skilled workers compensation lawyer.

Delays in Receiving Workers Compensation Benefits

All too often, employees do not get workers compensation benefits within a reasonable time after applying for them after getting injured. While they’re forced to wait for benefits, they need medical treatment and medications for their injury. They also may not be able to return to work full time. If this is happening to you, call a team of skilled Silver Spring, MD workers compensation lawyers to learn how a workers compensation lawyer may be able to help you.

Denial of Workers Compensation Benefits

There are any number of reasons for why the insurance carrier might deny your workers compensation benefits. Their reasoning may be valid, but it may simply be that they do not want to payout on a claim that would cost them a lot of money. Most law firms are very familiar with their tactics. A workers compensation lawyer from has the ability resubmit a claim on your behalf and address their reason for denying your first claim.  Most firms have a thorough understanding of what is required to establish how a workplace injury is cause for maximum benefits.

Caps on Benefits

Silver Spring, MD workers compensation lawyers will usually inform you that the most devastating workplace injuries may exceed the cap on benefits that workers compensation offers. This is not fair to the worker who was simply doing their job and now must pay for injury costs above and beyond what the benefits will cover. In the worst case scenarios, those who suffer a permanent disability injury may never be able to return to the workforce and will be vulnerable to not being able to pay their full medical costs and living expenses. Before accepting workers compensation benefits, contact a trusted law firm near you. If you agree to a benefits settlement, that will preclude you from being able to pursue alternate methods of compensation such as a personal injury claim or a lawsuit. Talk to Silver Spring, MD workers compensation lawyers immediately.

Contact a Workers Compensation Lawyer Who Can Help You

At Cohen & Cohen, P.C. we have seen firsthand the devastation that a workplace injury can bring to a worker and their family. We pledge to do our best to help each and every client who has been hurt in this way. Contact us today to find out if we can help you too—your first consultation with Silver Spring, MD workers compensation lawyers.

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