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Workers Compensation Lawyer Vienna VA

Even though you’ve heard about people needing them on the news and from your friends, you were probably not prepared to be in need of a workers compensation lawyer Vienna VA residents can rely on.

If you have been injured on the job, or have developed an illness or condition because of work, there are some things you should do no matter how major or how minor your injury or ailment seems to be.

Seek Medical Attention
If you are injured in an accident at work, depending on the severity and nature of your injury, you should go to an emergency room, urgent care or to your regular physician, as soon as possible.

You should get ongoing medical attention until you have completely recovered from any sort of work related injury or illness.

If your doctor advises you that you are unable to work, get a disability slip and give it to your employer immediately.

If you have even the tiniest twinge of discomfort after an accident at work, you should go to see your regular physician right away. If you have an illness or condition that you think has been caused by some aspect of your work, you should get medical attention as soon as possible.

It is important to have documentation of workplace injuries and illnesses. Seeing a doctor or other medical practitioner is one way of doing this.

If you have been injured at work or become ill because of something at work, you may be in need of a workers compensation lawyer Vienna VA workers compensation victims and their families can count on.

Tell Your Employer About Your injury
Many people who are injured on the job are hesitant to tell their employer about their injury because they worry that the employer will find fault with them.

Workplace injuries are very often caused by the negligence of others, not because of something the injured person did or did not do.

Workers compensation claims can be denied if it is evident that the employer was not properly notified of the incident.

If you have been injured or become unwell because of work, you may find it helpful to have the guidance of an experienced workers compensation lawyer Vienna VA people can count on.

File a Workers Compensation Claim
Statutes of limitations differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In Virginia, you are typically required to file a workers compensation claim within two years of the accident/incident.

To find out the exact guidelines for your particular situation, contact a qualified workers compensation lawyer Vienna VA families can get reliable information from.

Do Not Discuss Your Case
You should be careful not to discuss your case with anyone but your attorney.

Things that you tell coworkers and friends in confidence, can be used against you.

While some victims of workplace injuries and illnesses have gotten their financial needs met by their employers insurance, many victims do not. Many employer insurance companies will do everything that they can to pay as little as they can no matter how much a victim needs and deserves to have their medical and other financial needs met.

If you are suffering from a workplace related illness or injury, Cohen & Cohen, P.C., has a trustworthy workers compensation lawyer Vienna VA victims of workplace injuries and illnesses can get help from.

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