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Women Sue Former Dialysis Center Manager

Date18 Sep 2019

Women Sue Former Dialysis Center ManagerFour women have filed a lawsuit against Michael Klusmeyer, a former Glenview Dialysis Center manager, alleging he filmed them while they undressed and used the bathroom at the facility.

According to the lawsuit, Klusmeyer put a motion-activated camera in the women’s restroom at the facility. The suit says he “used his camera to record, capture, view and distribute video of women undressing and using the bathroom.”

Jeffrey Kulwin, one of the lawyers representing the plaintiffs, said it’s believed that more than 75 people used the bathroom while the camera was inside.

“I think what the women are seeking in this case is information about what happened and for how long, information about what Michael Klusmeyer did with the recordings that he took,” Kulwin said. “There are remedies for being subjected to an invasion of privacy that a jury would determine, damages based on emotional distress and the intangible loss of your privacy.”

The lawsuit alleges that females at the facility, “Were subjected to sexually inappropriate and offensive harassing conduct by Klusmeyer.”

The suit also claims that Klusmeyer shared videos and photos of the women he supervised that were “explicit, sexual or sexist in nature,” and he also told the women he told jokes, stories and made innuendos that were “explicit, sexual or sexist in nature.”

A spokesperson from DaVita, the owner of the kidney dialysis facility, made the following statement:

“Once we were made aware of this issue, we immediately removed him from the center, investigated the situation and terminated him. We will continue to support law enforcement’s efforts and provide support to our impacted teammates.”

The women who filed the lawsuit seek “relief for the chronic, prolific, widespread and pervasive invasion of privacy of women who worked” for the center “and the grossly negligent conduct that enabled the invasion to occur.”

Klusmeyer was charged with felony unauthorized videotaping on July 31 and is currently free on his own recognizance.


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