Who should I talk to if my child was injured in a neighbor’s pool?

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personal injuryIf your child was injured in a neighbor’s pool, you should call a personal injury lawyer as soon as you can. The dedicated team at Cohen & Cohen has many success stories of protecting the rights of their clients and getting them the compensation they are entitled to. Someone is available to take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One of our legal professionals will discuss your situation at no charge to you and can give you a free case evaluation. If we do not have a lawyer who is especially suited to your needs, we would like to try to help you to find someone who is.

It is the responsibility of a pool owner to to provide a safe environment for both children and adults who use their pool, as well as for people who live near their pool. Many people choose to not have their own pools because of the financial and legal obligations it takes to maintain a safe pool and spa environment. A homeowner is supposed to be proactive in creating and maintaining the safety of their pool area, even in the event that a person who has not been explicitly invited to use their pool, does so and gets injured while doing this.

Steps to Increase Pool and Spa Safety

  • Gates and fencing that are a minimum of four feet high should completely surround a
    pool and spa area
  • Gates should be self-closing and self-latching. The latches should be high enough that
    a child cannot reach them
  • Pool covers that can be secured when the pool is not in use, should be installed and
    utilized any time people are not using the pool
  • A pool alarm that alerts the pool owner/s when the surface of the water has been
    disrupted should be installed and turned on at all times when the pool is not actively
    being used
  • Rescue equipment that is in good working order should be kept in a visible place in the
    pool/spa area
  • Adult members of a household that has a pool on its premises should be trained in
  • CPR instructions should be visibly posted in a pool/spa area
  • If a child cannot be found when at a property with a pool or spa, immediately check the
    pool/spa area. Young children can be injured and drown in just a few inches of water.
    Even a small, inflatable “kiddie” pool can cause injuries and drowning when young
    children are involved

Contrary to common beliefs, crowded pools are not typically where swimming pool accidents that result in serious injuries and drowning occur. They are more likely to occur when no one is in the pool because the pool area is not likely being supervised. A child can wander into a pool area without the owner’s consent or the child’s parent being aware of where their child is. This and many other reasons are why a pool owner is responsible for making their pool and/or spa area as safe as can be.

If your child was injured in a neighbor’s pool, your child and your family may be entitled to compensation for his or her injuries. Contact Cohen & Cohen today so that you can start to try to protect your and your family’s rights, today.

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