Who should I call if my child drowned because of a swimming accident?

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Who should I call if my child drowned because of a swimming accident?

personal injuryIf your child drowned because of a swimming accident, you should get in contact with a reputable personal injury lawyer who knows how to protect people in horrible situations like the one you and your family are in.

The dedicated team at Cohen & Cohen has many years of protecting the rights of families like yours while helping them to get through the aftermath of a child’s death. While we cannot bring back your little one, we can shoulder the legal burdens that often come with the loss of a family member so that you and your family can focus on healing and trying to move on with your regular tasks and routines. We do not think that you should be feeling like you are in this alone. Give us a call so that we can hear the details of your particular circumstances and we will will give you a free case evaluation. If we do not think that we have a lawyer who is especially well-suited to your case, we would like to try to help you to find one who is. Someone is available to take your call any time of the day or night, 365 days a year.

Drowning and serious swimming related accidents can happen anyplace and they can happen to people of all ages, and levels of swimming ability and overall fitness. They can occur in public and private swimming pools, spas, fitness clubs, and open recreational bodies of water such as lakes, ponds, rivers and creeks. Fatal drowning accidents can even happen in bathtubs, kiddy pools, and other places that contain just a few inches of water. Regardless of where or who drowned because of a swimming related accident, the owner of the facility or home where it occurred may be liable for your child’s injuries if the owner was negligent in maintaining his or her facilities, and/or negligent in implementing and maintaining safety features, standards, and supervision.

In non-fatal drowning cases, it can take as little as four minutes of submersion to cause serious and permanent brain damage. It is estimated that 20% of people who survive drowning accidents suffer severe, permanent neurological disability.

One of the more common causes of a young children drowning are not because of injuries sustained while in a crowded pool with an overwhelmed lifeguard, more children slip away out of eyesight of the parents or whoever is in charge of them, into unsecured pool and spa areas for just a few minutes when tragedies can occur. This is one of the many reasons that ALL pool owners must have fences and gates that are above a certain height (specific regulations vary from state to state) with gates that have secure latches that are above a child’s reach. Pools and spas should have covers that are locked down. Pool and spa areas should always be adequately lit and have safety equipment in good working order. Many situations involving pools require that a lifeguard be on duty when people are in the pool area. These name just a few of the many ways in which pool and spa owners supposed to make their pool and spa areas safe.

If you suspect that a pool owner or manager, or one of his or her staff, was negligent in providing a safe environment for your child, contact Cohen & Cohen for a free case evaluation, today.

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