When Should You Call a Maryland Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

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Bicycle Accident Lawyer Gaithersburg, MD

When Should You Call a Maryland Bicycle Accident LawyerWhen you or someone you love has been injured in an accident involving a bicycle, you should call a bicycle accident lawyer Gaithersburg, MD bicycle accident victims and their families recommend.

Bicycles are a convenient and economic way to travel. They are light and inexpensive and you don’t have to pay to park them. In the wrong situation though, they can be a dangerous means of transportation. Bicycles require the rider to pay special attention to their surroundings because so many drivers don’t. So what do you do when you’re injured by a negligent driver? Here are some tips.

What to do if you’re injured while riding a bicycle?

  • If there are injuries, call 911
  • Even if there are no injuries, request a police report for insurance purposes
  • Stay at the scene until help arrives
  • Take pictures of everything with your phone or camera, especially the area of the accident and any damage to your bicycle or the vehicle that hit you
  • Get contact information from any witnesses
  • Call Cohen & Cohen, for an experienced bicycle accident lawyer that is licensed to protect injured people in Gaithersburg and throughout MD

Types of Injuries

The types of injuries associated with bicycle accidents vary greatly. You may have been hit by another bicyclist who wasn’t paying attention and knocked you off your bike fracturing your wrist. You may have been hit by a vehicle and your injuries are much more severe. You could have head injuries, multiple broken bones, or spine injuries. These types of injuries are no joke and will take months, if not years, of recovery.

When you are injured in a bicycle accident, you need to focus on your recovery. You need a team of lawyers on your side, vigorously fighting to protect your rights. By using the services of a qualified and experienced Gaithersburg, MD bicycle accident attorney, you give yourself the best chance to recover the compensation you need to make sure your bills are paid.

Our experience benefits you

Even if your injuries are minor, you deserve compensation to make you whole. When someone else is negligent and injures you while riding a bicycle, you may suffer from lost wages because you can’t go back to work right away and you may end up with substantial medical bills- and none of this is your fault. You should not have any additional expenses because of someone else’s negligence.

A highly rated Gaithersburg, MD bicycle accident lawyer at Cohen & Cohen, can help you through this difficult time. We can fight to get you the compensation you deserve and need to get you back on your feet. While we have 25+ years of experience representing clients just like you who have been injured in bicycle accidents, no two cases are alike. We treat you like an individual, not a number. We will review your accident and your injuries to see what the best course of legal action is to get you the best results possible.

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Take the the worry out of the steps ahead by using the services of the experienced team of lawyers at Cohen & Cohen When you retain us, you become a part of our family where our goal is to get you on the path to recovery. Contact Cohen & Cohen today to learn how we can help you get back on your bicycle and take the stress out of the recovery you have ahead.

For a highly rated bicycle accident lawyer Gaithersburg, MD bicycle accident victims and their families have gotten help from in the past, contact Cohen & Cohen for a free case consultation and evaluation.

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