When Legal Action Must Be Taken for a DUI Crash

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DUI lawyers District Height, MD residents trust have the insight you may need

DUI lawyers District Heights MDDUI lawyers District Height, MD residents trust know all too well that a person who has been hit by a drunk driver is likely to feel angry, frustrated and motivated to seek justice. If you or someone you love has been hit by a drunk driver, you may want to meet with an attorney as soon as possible. The victim of a DUI crash can suffer very painful, expensive and long-term injuries. An innocent driver should not have to pay for the poor choices of another driver. When such a horrible accident does arise, it can leave people wondering why anyone would risk drinking and driving. In the article here, DUI lawyers from District Height, MD have examined this issue further and why meeting with an attorney should be something to consider.

How do people have trouble figuring out whether they are drunk or not?

It may seem silly to some, but the fact is that alcohol can impair one’s ability to make sound judgements. So, even after a few drinks, a person may feel it is not such a big deal to drive home. This may be especially true for someone who is not familiar with their own body, and thinks they can tolerate more alcohol than they truly can. This is why finding a safe way home prior to having alcohol is so crucial to preventing someone from the temptation of driving after having a night out with friends. DUI lawyers in  District Height, MD will strongly recommend having a safe way home because by having a backup plan already in place, it could save lives.

What should I do if I have unpaid medical bills due to being hit by a drunk driver?

A very common situation the victim of a drunk driving accident may endure, is having medical expenses that they cannot pay for. If the crash was particularly tragic and the victim suffered a critical condition, the costs for emergency care, diagnostics, hospitalization, medication, surgery and more, can be enough to put anyone in debt. You can meet with any skilled DUI lawyers in District Height, MD if you would like to find out more information about how to file a lawsuit against the drunk driver, in order to receive compensation for these outstanding bills.

What should I start gathering to help me get prepared for a legal consultation?

If you decide to meet with an attorney, you should gather as much paperwork as you can that is related to your accident injuries and other losses. The more information you have for your attorney, the more thoroughly he or she can evaluate your case. Examples of details to have ready for your meeting include:

  1. Doctor’s exams, diagnosis and treatment plans (long-term and short-term)
  2. Statements for emergency care bills (hospitalization, ambulance ride, surgery, etc.)
  3. Estimates for vehicle damages
  4. Charges for laboratory tests and details of the results
  5. The driver’s information, including insurance company name
  6. Copy of the official incident report taken by officer
  7. Photographs of the scene, car damages and/or your visible injuries
  8. Contact information for witnesses who saw the crash happen
  9. Statements from your employer about loss of pay, due to missing work for recovery

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