What Should You do if You Were in a Bike Accident in Greenbelt  that Was Not Your Fault?

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Greenbelt, MD Bike Accident Lawyers

What Should You do if You Were in a Bike Accident in Greenbelt  that Was Not Your FaultIf you or someone you love has been in a bike accident in Maryland that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be able to seek compensation for expenses related to the accident with the help of Greenbelt, MD bike accident lawyers.

Are all bike accidents serious?

The likelihood for people who ride bicycles and motorcycles to get injured in even a minor accident are high. The likelihood for bike riders to be moderately to catastrophically injured, or even to die, in serious accidents is also high. A primary reason for this is that even when bike riders wear important protective gear such as helmets, goggles or glasses, and protective clothing; and even when their bikes themselves are equipped with extra safety devices; bike riders really have very little protection for when they come into contact with automobiles, other bikes, pedestrians, and stationary objects. Unlike an automobile with safety belts, neither a motorcycle nor a bicycle have protective frames around them to protect bikers from the impact of a collision, nor do they provide biker’s protection from being ejected from their bikes and hurled through the air. No matter what, in order to avoid needing bike accident lawyers in Greenbelt or someplace else in MD, bike riders should always wear appropriate safety gear and always follow the rules of the road, in addition to driving defensively and with caution.

No matter how serious or minor a bike accident is, it is important to know what your rights to compensation are. Discussing your situation with Greenbelt bike accident lawyers as soon as possible after an accident is a good way to start understanding what your rights are and as necessary, a good way to start protecting your right to compensation.

Is my auto or health insurance responsible for my bike accident injuries and/or property damage?

Even though many people do in fact utilize their own health insurance for their medical needs after an accident, and in some situations people are able to get help from their auto insurance policy after a bike accident, it should not be your or your insurance’s responsibility to pay for damage caused by someone else’s negligence. You should not have to pay out of pocket for your bike accident, even if it seems nominal such as copayments for doctor visits, etc.

Many recovering bike accident victims recommend discussing the specifics of your Greenbelt bike accident with MD bike accident lawyers who are familiar with Greenbelt courts and judges before talking to any insurance company. This may help to prevent you from having to pay out of your own pocket for damages and medical costs that are someone else’s fault, from your insurance premiums going up, and in some cases, from your insurance dropping you altogether.

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Cohen & Cohen has been successfully defending the rights of injured people for over 25 years. Our dedicated legal team is available to discuss your situation and to give you a case evaluation at no charge and with no obligations. In the event we do not have a bike accident lawyer who is especially suited to your circumstances, we would like to try to help you to find someone who is.

For highly rated Greenbelt, MD bike accident lawyers who are licensed to protect people in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC, contact Cohen & Cohen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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