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Uber Assault Lawyer Washington DC

DC Uber Assault Lawyer

DC Uber Assault LawyerIf you were assaulted by an Uber driver in Washington, D.C. or its surrounding areas, it may be in your best interest to get in contact with an Uber assault lawyer Washington, D.C. assault victims recommend, as soon as possible. 

The sooner you talk to a good lawyer who is experienced with successfully defending the rights of Uber assault victims, the sooner they may be able to start protecting yours.

Washington, D.C. Assaults

An assault is a violent physical or verbal attack. When an assault has a component of the assailant forcing their victim to participate in sexual acts or behavior, or uses sexually explicit language with them, it is often referred to as a sexual assault.

It is illegal to assault another person regardless of the kind of assault it is. If you were assaulted by an Uber driver in Washington, D.C., it does not matter whether or not your assailant was arrested for their crime, you may be able to seek compensation for your physical and emotional injuries and scars with the help of a good lawyer. 

A person who is caught while assaulting someone, or a person that law enforcement has enough evidence to believe that they have assaulted someone, is typically arrested and charged with a crime. Even if the assailant is found guilty and punished with jail time, other penalties and/or fines, the victim of the assault still has the right to try to hold their assailant accountable for their actions in a civil lawsuit.

If you were assaulted by an Uber driver in Washington, D.C., a good lawyer may be able to help you get the compensation you are entitled to.

DC Uber Assaults and Liability

It is a horrific reality that assaults happen in Washington, D.C. on a daily basis. But it is especially disturbing to hear about them when they have been committed by someone a victim has paid to provide them with a service, such as getting a ride from one destination to another. 

On top of it, ride sharing services have been under scrutiny in the past several years for their lack of background checks for drivers prior to their being hired and for the companies’ not carrying insurance for their drivers.

Not only has Uber done little historically to prevent unsafe individuals from driving for their brand, when things do go wrong, but Uber has also tried to get out of being held liable for them.

If you are in the awful situation of having suffered an assault from an Uber driver, the sooner you enlist the help of a good Washington, D.C. lawyer, the sooner they may be able to start protecting you and your rights.

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