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Trucking Accident Lawyer Baltimore MD

Top Causes of Trucking Accidents You Should Know About

Any trucking accident lawyer Baltimore MD has to offer may tell you that there are a few main causes of trucking accidents. Accidents often fall under three main causes, and by knowing the causes, you may be able to prevent an accident. However, if you do find yourself injured in a collision, a trucking accident lawyer in Baltimore MD may help you with your case.

  1. Driver Error

Driver error includes a large variety of actions, so it’s no wonder that this is one of the leading causes of truck accidents. A Baltimore MD trucking accident lawyer may be able to help you determine if the cause of your accident was driver error.

Some examples of driver error include things that happen when a truck driver is distracted or tired. A truck driver could be talking on a cell phone and fail to notice that traffic has stopped, thereby crashing into one or more vehicles. Truck drivers may also be prone to falling asleep at the wheel if they are driving for long periods of time. If you have been involved in an accident due to another driver’s error, a trucking accident lawyer Baltimore MD trusts may be able to help you with your case.

  1. Driving Too Fast for Conditions

Approximately half of all trucking accidents occur because the truck driver is driving too fast for conditions. Your trucking accident lawyer Baltimore MD drivers count on may be able to tell you if the other driver’s speed during your accident might impact your case.

Remember that even if truckers are driving at the posted speed limit, they may be going too fast for certain conditions. Factors such as black ice, snow, or rain may require large trucks to reduce their speed in order to drive safely. Large vehicles may need more time to stop safely than typical passenger vehicles require. A truck driver could be at fault for an accident if he or she could have prevented a collision by driving at a slower speed.

Your trucking accident lawyer Baltimore MD residents turn to may be able to help you deal with your case even if you could be partially liable. You may have a better chance at obtaining compensation with a lawyer on your side.

  1. Veering Out of the Lane

Whether a driver sways into another lane or sways off the road, veering out of the lane is another main cause of accidents. Any trucking accident lawyer Baltimore MD can provide may tell you that this may not be easy prove — unless there are eyewitnesses or solid physical evidence on the scene.

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