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The Statistics and Reasons Why Nursing Home Abuse Happens

The Statistics and Reasons Why Nursing Home Abuse Happens

The Statistics and Reasons Why Nursing Home Abuse HappensNursing home abuse is a heartbreaking reality that seniors and family members may have to deal with with the help of Frederick, MD nursing home lawyers. There may be situations where a relative witnessed the abuse first hand or they have been told stories from their loved one about the mistreatment. It is important that you take action quickly. You can do this with the help of nursing home lawyers at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. We have been dedicated to protecting the rights of the elderly and their families for more than 25 years. We can understand how painful and upsetting it can be to realize nursing home abuse is happening to your cherished relative. Let us help you take action against the individuals or facility that is hurting them.

If you suspect or know that a loved one is suffering from abuse or neglect, you may find it helpful to discuss your situation and options with reputable Frederick, MD nursing home lawyers.

Nursing Home Abuse Statistics

The prevalence of nursing home abuse is in fact quite high, as many as one-third of nursing home facilities in the United States have been cited for violations and infractions due to abusive behavior. It is estimated that a small portion of those incidents included elderly victims who were unable to defend themselves. Those who cannot fight against such abuse may suffer even more harm due to feeling helpless.

Why Nursing Home Abuse Happens

It can be difficult to imagine why any person would abuse someone else, particularly the elderly. The reasons behind these incidents are often due to understaffed facilities, poor operations, under-trained staff, and lack of proper background checks for new staff. Nursing home lawyers at Cohen & Cohen, P.C.  are aware that sometimes the corporate structure of Frederick and other nursing home facilities in MD is to make money versus focusing on providing a standard of care that the residents and family members are paying substantial amounts for.

The Most Prevalent Incidents of Abuse

The most common way that seniors in a nursing home may suffer abuse, is through lack of basic care, negligence, and poor supervision. If there are not enough staff to go around, that means several residents may be left unattended to despite needing urgent help. Mistreatment does not always have to be deliberate acts that are intended to be abusive, it can be from neglectful acts where the resident is simply not receiving the care, attention, nutrition, and/or medication, etc., he or she needs to be healthy.

Why More People Don’t Come Forward

Sadly, family members may not initially believe their loved one when they hear about incidents of abuse. Relatives may question the reliability of the story because they are not sure whether their loved one is simply suffering from confusion and aging. However, our experienced nursing home lawyers at Cohen & Cohen, P.C.  highly encourage you to trust in these stories and talk with a member of our Frederick, MD staff immediately if your loved one expresses feeling unsafe. It may be true that your loved one endured other incidents of abuse, but finally decided to come forward.

We believe that every person deserves to feel safe and cared for, whether they are children, middle-aged adults or seniors. Please call us to book your free consultation with a lawyer at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. , so we can help protect your loved one from further mistreatment. We hope to hear from you today.

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