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Slip and Fall – Washington DC

Slip & Fall Attorney Washington DC

After a slip and fall injury, finding an lawyer to help with the filing process, represent you in the court of law and work tirelessly for your retribution is the first thing you may be considering. Our lawyers at Cohen and Cohen P.C. have worked for the repayment of clients for decades. No matter where the accident occurred, we will find out who the property owner is and ensure they are held legally responsible.

Due to your injury, you have the right to fight for appropriate compensation. A lawyer at Cohen and Cohen P.C. can award you retribution for any medical bills, income loss and pain/suffering. In order to provide you with the best possible settlement, an attorney must show proof that the conditions listed below apply to your case.

Main Conditions to Build a Solid Case in Court

1) Property owner received a decent amount of time to fix the complaint
2) The condition of property was dangerous
3) Owner should have known, or was aware of the property condition
4) The owner created the poor condition

What Does Your Case Classify As – Direct or Indirect?

We can help you determine if the accident happened through either direct or indirect conditions. An attorney at Cohen and Cohen P.C. can help you understand the difference between these two categories. An indirect injury can happen when the party does not actually come into contact with a specific material or substance; the environment was just not equipped properly with lighting, or was missing a safety utility. A direct injury can occur if a puddle of water or liquid was present on the ground and caused the person to slip and fall. Additionally, anything left in a walk pathway such as an object, toy or poorly built floors are considered a direct injury.

Main Causes of Slip and Fall:

1) driveways or sideways too steep or uneven/cracked
2) unsafe workplace environment (such as retail, grocery store or office)
3) construction site has dangerous conditions
4) poor lighting in a walkway
5) wet/liquid on floor
6) property hazards
7) stair or rails not secured properly
8) poorly maintained pools
9) torn carpeting
10) pothole in ground

When you choose an attorney from Cohen and Cohen P.C. you can rest assured knowing you are working with not only a knowledgeable and professional attorney, but we have your best of intentions at heart. We can gather any and all evidence in support of your case, contact witnesses to the incident, find any formerly submitted complaints against a property owner and aim to bring the most capital possible. It is vital that you send in your lawsuit against a responsible party or company promptly, as there may be a time limit in which you can file your slip and fall case.

Please give our firm Cohen and Cohen P.C. a call at Cohen and Cohen P.C. for a case evaluation with one of our attorneys. We are available 24/7 for your needs, and can meet at your earliest convenience to go over the details of your slip and fall injury case.


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