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Slip and Fall Washington DC

Slip & Fall Attorney Washington DC

Slip and Fall Lawyer Washington DCBecause slip and fall (also known as trip and fall) accidents happen every day, if you are reading this you may be in need of a top, slip and fall attorney Washington DC friends and neighbors have grown to trust. Very often, slip and fall accidents can be caused by the neglect of a property owner. If a property owner fails to clean or place caution signs where people frequently walk, slip and fall accidents are common.

Slip and fall accidents are also common when property owners fail to maintain parking lot surfaces, indoor and outdoor floors and walkways, handrails and many other situations.

  • Common slip and fall injuries include but are not limited to:
  • Sprains
  • Tears
  • Broken and/or fractured bones
  • Dislocated shoulders or other joints
  • Brain injuries and trauma

It does not matter whether you had a slip and fall accident at a business, on a public property, or in someone’s private residence, a property owner is responsible for upholding safety standards on any property he or she owns.

If you or someone you know is suffering as the result of a slip and fall accident, help yourself by getting in touch with a top slip and fall attorney Washington DC has to offer, at Cohen & Cohen, P.C., today. Our compassionate team of legal experts are available for a free case evaluation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Slip and Fall Diagnoses and Treatments

Oftentimes, the injuries people sustain from trip and all accidents are minor. They may require little more than first-aid treatment if even that. More often though they are more serious and can cause fractures, broken bones, muscle and ligament tears, and more. These injuries may require:

  • Emergency care
  • X-Rays
  • MRIs
  • Ultrasound
  • Physical therapy
  • Surgery
  • Ongoing medical treatment

Many victims of slip and fall accidents do not realize the extent of their injuries when they first occur. Very often, a body sends out a surge of adrenaline when it is injured. This often blocks pain signals. People may not feel pain until an hour or more after an injury.

Even if an individual does feel pain immediately following an injury, they may not associate the pain with an injury until that pain fails to go away over time. Doctors and attorneys who have experience working with slip and fall victims recommend that you exercise caution and receive medical attention after a fall.

Legal cases tend to be complicated and hard to navigate. Do not try to do this alone when you are injured and/or inexperienced with legal proceedings. A good slip and fall attorney is an important person to have on your side. Do not trust the future well-being of your case with just anyone- call a top personal injury lawyer Washington DC at Cohen & Cohen, P.C., today.

Slip and Fall / Trip and Fall Definitions

Slip and fall injuries very often involve a slip or a trip, and then a fall.

Slip – occurs when there is not enough traction between the bottom of a foot and a walking surface

  • Can occur with or without shoes or boots on
  • Can occur when a surface is wet or messy
  • Caution signs should be clearly posted by building owners or their employees when someplace that people walk is wet or messy
  • It does not matter who made the mess or when it was made. It is the owner’s responsibility to maintain safety standards.

Trip – occurs when a person collides with something a loses their balance as a result of the collision. Can occur when walking:

  • Over broken pieces of brick and tile
  • On uneven pavement, cement, asphalt or other materials used to make sidewalks and walkways
  • On frayed, curling or otherwise poorly laid rugs and carpets

Even when it seems obvious that a person had slip and fall, or trip and fall accident because of someone’s negligence, it can be quite complex to prove this. If you are in the unfortunate situation of needing an attorney on your side after the trauma of a slip and fall accident, call a top slip and fall attorney Washington DC has to offer at Cohen & Cohen, P.C., today.


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