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Slip and fall Lawyer Tysons VA

Slip and fall Lawyer Tysons VAA slip and fall lawyer Tysons VA needs is someone who understands all the facts. Slip and fall injuries can be incredibly confusing and while they happen frequently in the United States, many people are unsure as to what exactly qualifies a slip and fall accident. Contrary to common belief, a slip and fall injury is not just any incident where a person falls. In fact, there are very specific guidelines as to what defines a slip and fall injury. There are two main things that need to happen in order for any ordinary fall to qualify as a slip and fall accident. An experienced and skilled slip and fall lawyer Tysons VA should trust is someone who knows these two distinguishers.

The first thing that needs to happen is that the fall needs to happen on somebody else’s property. That means your average fall down the stairs in your own home is likely not going to qualify you for that compensation you want for your injury. Similarly, if you fall over your dog in the backyard, that also isn’t going to qualify you to have a slip and fall injury case. However, once you are on somebody else’s property, there is a much higher chance that you have a case. The type of slip and fall lawyer Tysons VA should count on is an attorney that knows all about liability. The key to grasping a slip and fall injury case is by understanding that your injury must result as the fault of somebody else. If you fall, say, on a wet floor inside your office building, the property owner is likely going to be at fault for that injury.

The next part of a slip and fall injury case is that your fall must be caused by unsafe, hazardous, or dangerous conditions of the property you fell on. Even if you fall at somebody else’s house, let’s say, there has to be a clear reason that the maintenance of that house caused you to fall. A slip and fall lawyer Tysons VA locals can rely on is somebody that will let you in on the common elements for a property to be deemed unsafe. Although there is no limit to what can cause a property to be hazardous, the more frequent examples of an unsafe property include:

– Exposed electrical cords and wires
– Bumpy, uneven surfaces
– Wet or slippery surfaces
– Potholes
– Lack of handrails
– Construction
– Exposed sharp objects (such as nails)

If you or your loved one believe you may have suffered from a slip and fall accident, it may be in your best interest to reach out to Cohen & Cohen, P.C. At Cohen & Cohen, we firmly believe that every single person has the right to a lawyer that will fight on their behalf for the fair compensation they deserve. Call today and will be more than happy to set you up with a skilled slip and fall lawyer Tysons VA has trusted for years to get the job done, and get it done well.

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