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Slip and fall law firm Virginia

Slip and Fall LawyerIf you or someone you love has been injured from a slip and fall accident, the injured person (or their family) may be able to seek compensation for costs related to their injuries with the help of a slip and fall law firm Virginia residents are fortunate to have available to them. Slip and fall accidents can be based on different kinds of laws depending on the circumstances. The laws that can help to determine liability in a slip and fall case vary from state to state. This is one of the reasons that many slip and fall victims have found it helpful to discuss their situation with a law firm that has lawyers who know the laws of the state the injury occurred in.

If you or a loved one was injured in a slip and fall accident in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, or the surrounding areas, or if a loved one died because of this, it may be in your best interest to discuss your situation with a personal injury law firm that covers this part of the country. The dedicated team at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. believes in shouldering the legal weight of their client’s problems so that their clients do not have to. We believe that someone who is injured (or someone who is taking care of someone who is injured) should be able to focus on healing and getting better without the added anxiety of worrying about having to fight to have costs related to the victim’s injury, covered by the person or party that caused them. If you think that you may need the help of an experienced slip and fall law firm Virginia slip and fall victims and their families can count on, call Cohen & Cohen, P.C. today.

Slip and fall cases can be based on different kinds of laws depending on the circumstances. Typically but not always, a slip and fall claim that a victim can seek compensation for involves negligence on the part of one or more party. Slip and fall cases typically involve personal injury laws. The theory of premise liability says that a property owner, and in some cases a property manager, is supposed to exercise reasonable maintenance and upkeep of a property, and to exercise reasonable care to warn people of dangerous conditions that he or she has not had the time to fix. When an innocent person is injured because of a property owner’s negligence in keeping their premises properly maintained and free of hazards, the victim of this negligence may be entitled to compensation. As well, some workers compensation claims involve an injury that is the result of a slip and fall that could have been prevented were it not for somebody else’s negligence.

The dedicated team at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. has successfully defended numerous personal injury cases that stem from the above reasons and more. Even though we know that money cannot take away an injury nor can it bring back a loved one from an untimely death, many people find it a comfort to know that they have an experienced legal team looking out for their and their families rights to financial compensation. For a compassionate slip and fall law firm Virginia community members can rely on, contact Cohen & Cohen, P.C. today.

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