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Slip and Fall Law Firm Washington D.C.

Slip and Fall Law Firm Washington D.C.Slip and fall accidents can happen almost anywhere to anyone, and if it has happened to you in the Washington D.C. area, you may be in need of a slip and fall law firm Washington D.C. community members recommend.

Whether you were on your way into work or doing something on the job, or on your way to or from a doctor’s office, or walking through the parking lot of your favorite store- if you tripped and fell doing any of these things or many, many more- your injuries can range from mild to very, very serious.

If you are concerned that you may be in need of a top rated slip and fall law firm Washington D.C. slip and fall victims recommend, contact an experienced lawyer at Cohen & Cohen, P.C., any time of the day or night, any day of the year.

Fall Accident Statistics
According to information updated in 2017 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the total number of unintentional injury deaths was 135,928. The number of motor vehicle traffic deaths was 33,736 with the number of unintentional fall deaths close behind at 31,959.

In 2013, more than 2.5 million older adults visited emergency rooms in the U.S. when they were injured in non-fatal falls. 734,000 people were checked-in to hospitals because of falls and fall related injuries.

According to information compiled by the National Business Group on Health fact sheet, from 1997 to 2007, falls were the top cause of injury for people of all ages. The injuries that were sustained ranged from mild to severe and life-threatening.

If you are one of the many unfortunate people who have been injured as the result of a slip (or trip) and fall accident, talking to an experienced slip and fall law firm Washington D.C. residents have gotten help from in the past, may help you to make better informed decisions about what your next steps should be. If you or a loved one was hurt in a slip and fall accident, you may have the legal right to get compensation from the person or company that owns the property, or the property manager, where your injury occurred. When you discuss your particular situation and injury with a lawyer who has fought slip and fall cases before, s/he may be able to help you to determine whether your case is one worth pursuing through the legal system.

If you or someone you love has been injured because of a slip and fall or a trip and fall accident, the sooner you contact a slip and fall law firm Washington D.C. slip and fall victims have relied on in the past, the sooner your lawyers will be able to start building and strong and compelling case to try to get you compensation for your injuries.

Common Causes of Tripping or Slipping and Falling
Common causes of slip and fall accidents include but are not limited to:

  • Poorly lit and/or poorly marked walkways and stairs
  • Slippery floors
  • Changes in floor surface, such as walking from stone onto a carpet
  • Ice or snow
  • Potholes and cracks in sidewalks or flooring
  • Stairs (too steep, broken or inadequate handrails, narrow steps, etc._
  • Trash and foreign objects on walkways
  • Curbs
  • Uneven surface heights

Many slip and fall accidents could be prevented with proper care and maintenance but unfortunately, not all property owners and managers do their due diligence in this area.

To help you determine whether you have a slip and fall claim that may entitle you to compensation, contact Cohen & Cohen, P.C. for a top-rated slip and fall law firm Washington D.C. victims and their families have sought compensation with in the past.

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