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Silver Spring MD Bicycle Accident Lawyer

When Can an Injured Cyclist Benefit from the Help of a Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

Silver Spring MD bicycle accident lawyerUnder Maryland law, bicycles are considered to be vehicles and when someone is injured in a bicycle accident, there is a good chance that they will benefit from the help of a Silver Spring, MD bicycle accident lawyer. Many motorists do not acknowledge or pay attention to the fact that bicycles are considered vehicles that have the same rights to use the roads as automobiles do. Because of this, motorists often fail to recognize these laws, and drive negligently or recklessly around cyclists. When an injured cyclist can prove that the negligence or recklessness of a motorist (or other cyclist or pedestrian, etc.) is what caused their injury, the negligent party or parties may be liable for expenses caused by the accident.

What ways can a Maryland bicycle accident lawyer help a Silver Spring bicycle accident victim?
An MD bicycle accident lawyer can help a Silver Spring bicycle accident victim in many different ways. One of these is that once you enlist the help of a lawyer you can trust, it may alleviate some of the anxiety and stress that your injury, mounting medical bills and other expenses related to your accident have caused. While a lawyer cannot usually solve your financial problems right away, it may also be a comfort to know you have one on your team that is dedicated to protecting your rights and working towards securing your financial future in the aftermath of a costly accident.

Some of the ways a Silver Spring, MD bicycle accident lawyer may be able to help include the following:

  • Collect witness statements
  •  Inspect and document property damage
  • Investigate the negligent driver or pedestrian’s driving and criminal records
  • medical records and hire people to analyze them
    – Examine photos or videos from the scene of an accident
    – Re-create the accident scene
    – Hire expert witnesses to help to prove your case

Many people recommend enlisting the help of a good personal injury lawyer when you have been in a bicycle accident because it ultimately winds up being easier for an injured person and/or their family to seek compensation with a lawyer’s assistant rather than trying to do this on their own.

Won’t a Silver Spring, MD bicycle accident lawyer cost money?
Some personal injury lawyers who deal with bicycle accidents in Silver Spring, MD work on what is called a contingency basis. This means that they do not charge a client money upfront rather, the client and lawyer agree on the lawyer getting a percentage of the client’s settlement or award amount when their case is finished. It is also agreed that if an injured person (the plaintiff) does not prevail, the client is not obligated to pay the lawyer.

If you find a lawyer who works on a contingency basis, it is important to have all the important details of your contingency agreement set forth in writing, prior to making any agreements. If possible, it is a good idea to have someone who understands the legalities behind these agreements look this over before you agree to anything.

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