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Priest Sexual Abuse Lawyers MD

Priest Sexual Abuse Lawyers MD

Priest Sexual Abuse Lawyers MDOur Priest Sexual Abuse Lawyers MD families can trust at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. have represented victims of verbal and/or physical mistreatment by clergy of the church. We understand the sensitive nature and complicated factors involved with these cases. We have the type of experience and emotional intelligence to be able to handle these cases with full dedication. We are strategic, empathetic, and know how to use the law to seek justice for priest sexual abuse victims. Unfortunately, such atrocities are committed by many people invovled with the church, including staff, pastors, rabbis, ministers, and other parishoners. 

To learn more about your legal options in holding the offending religious leader and church entity responsible, please call Cohen & Cohen, P.C. as soon as possible. The sooner you get legal help, the more time we have to build a strong case for your behalf. 

Ask Us About Diocese Compensation Programs

Diocese compensation programs were designed to provide monetary restitution to victims of religious leader abuse for the long-lasting trauma they have to deal with. While this may sound like a compassionate program, we may recommend not accepting it until you have received a case evaluation from our law firm. You may be entitled to more compensation than what they are offering, and by registering with the program you are forfeiting your right to pursue legal action against the diocese. To learn more about how you can seek justice for what happened to you or a family member, call our Maryland Priest Sexual Abuse Lawyers at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. right away.

How to Fight Against Clergy Sexual Abuse

The religious leaders are entrusted with the duty to report suspected incidents of child sexual abuse. Devastatingly, the church in itself often protects its clergy even when they are obviously in the wrong. That is why many survivors who are fighting against clergy sexual abuse choose to include the church in their lawsuit as well, to bring their stories to light so other innocent children do not become victims. The suffering of one child is horrible enough, and to cover it up means allowing that predator to commit more acts. A party or entity that compounds the situation or hides what happened purposefully can become liable. 

Call Cohen & Cohen, P.C. Regarding Filing a Lawsuit

If you are the victim of mistreatment from a religious leader or other member of the church, please remember you are not alone. It may be terrifying to think about coming forward with your story. However, by taking action you are holding the person accountable for the emotional anguish you have to deal with for perhaps the rest of your life. By obtaining a sense of justice, it can provide some healing in your recovery. Call Cohen & Cohen, P.C. today to speak with our Priest Sexual Abuse Lawyers in Maryland about our services. 

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