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MD Priest Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

MD Priest Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

If you or someone you love has been abused sexually by a priest, please know that you can rely on a lawyer from Cohen & Cohen, P.C. when pursuing MD Priest Sexual Abuse Lawsuits. Any sexual behavior that made you feel uncomfortable and violated may constitute filing a lawsuit against the offenMD Priest Sexual Abuse Lawsuitsder for justice and financial compensation. We understand that many victims of sexual abuse at the hands of a church member are afraid to come forward about their story. They may worry that their family and community may not believe them, and that they will be cast out due to making accusations.

We hope that you put yourself first and decide to take action against a priest who inflicted horrific treatment on you. You deserve to have that sense of justice and the financial means to live your life to the fullest. The injuries for sexual abuse by a priest can last many years, and for some, the pain may never completely go away. Please let us hold the offender responsible for the anguish they have caused. 

When Priest or Clergy Abuse Happens

There are so many children and young adults who endure abuse or harassment by clergy, as parishioners or workers for the church. The inappropriate behavior can include vield sexual comments, sexual innuendos, unwanted sexual actions, or other statements that are distressing and unlawful. The parishioner may be asked by their priest or clergy to engage in certain sexual acts privately, talk about their body parts, and/or discuss partaking in sexual activity.

Whether verbal or physical, these crimes are serious and parents must seriously consider filing a civil lawsuit against the offender and the church entity. If you are an adult who suffered sexual abuse at the church as a child, you may still be able to pursue legal action despite it occurring years beforehand. 

Taking Action for Justice and Recovery

When consulting with you about filing Priest Sexual Abuse Lawsuits in Maryland, we will review evidence, witness testimony, medical records, photographs, or any other proof that can support your case. If there is sufficient evidence and we think your case could stand at trial, we will give you further insight into what steps to take next.

The church has been under vast scrutiny in recent years for the criminal activities that happened within their doors. Anyone who has experienced sexual abuse from the church must act urgently. Get help from medical professionals, non profit organizations, and a dedicated team of lawyers so you can build the strongest case in your favor possible. 

To hear more about how a lawyer at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. can help you file Lawsuits for MD Priest Sexual Abuse, call right now to reserve your no-obligation, compassionate consultation today. 

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