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Pharmaceutical Malpractice

Pharmaceutical Malpractice Attorney Services


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    Pharmaceutical Malpractice

    Pharmaceutical Malpractice Attorney Services

    Pharmaceutical Malpractice AttorneyMedical science has made incredible advances in pharmaceutical technology but many people find themselves in need of a reliable pharmaceutical malpractice attorney after an injury or death occurs because of pharmaceutical malpractice, or pharmaceutical negligence. Some of the more common elements of pharmaceutical malpractice lawsuits are defective drug recalls, negative long-term side effects of prescription drugs, improperly prescribed medication and improperly filled prescriptions. It has been estimated that over a million people per year in the United States are victims of pharmaceutical malpractice. If you or someone close to you needs consultation, contact the personal injury lawyers Washington DC has trusted for years.

    New drug advancements are occurring all the time, and pharmaceuticals are helping people live longer and better than ever before. As more and more advances are made for being able to identify the causes of illnesses, more and more drugs are being created to address those causes. Many people now take drugs that were once considered “miracle drugs” because they were the first medicines that were able to treat illnesses and diseases that previously had not had effective treatments. Many people today are living long and healthy lives with diseases that just a decade ago would have debilitated them and/or shortened their life expectancy.

    As much as pharmaceutical drugs do huge amounts of good for many people, pharmaceuticals are also big business. In the United States alone, the industry accounts for hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue each year. This means that even though pharmaceuticals are designed to help people, they are making companies and their employees a lot of money. Sometimes this drive for money comes at a cost for patients who take their drugs.

    It is not easy to get a new drug or treatment approved in the United States. Even when a new cure is found for a deadly or debilitating disease, it usually takes years of testing and data analysis before the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will approve it for public consumption. Pharmaceutical companies have to pay for this testing and sometimes corners are cut in the interest of saving money. There have been an unfortunate number of people who have been injured or died as a result of pharmaceutical companies not doing their due diligence for the people who take their drugs.

    For all their achievements, the pharmaceutical system in this country is far from perfect. These often powerful prescription drugs can have serious side effects that are not always adequately explained to, or understood by patients. Prescription drugs also react with each other, and sometimes these reactions can pose serious health risks. That’s why it is essential that you keep a record of all the prescription and over-the-counter drugs you take, and make sure that every doctor who prescribes you something is aware of what other medications you are on. Even though many pharmacies will keep records of all your prescription medications and will alert you if you are at risk for an adverse drug interaction, pharmacists do not always catch this.

    Unfortunately, no amount of precaution can eliminate every mistake. Prescriptions get mis-filled, or a dangerous drug interaction is overlooked, and the results can be dire.

    If you suspect that you have been the victim of pharmaceutical malpractice, call Cohen & Cohen, P.C. today. If you’ve been injured because of a prescription drug mistake, you need the best prescription drug malpractice lawyers. Our experienced attorneys are ready to fight to get you fair compensation for your injuries. Contact Cohen & Cohen, P.C. to talk to a highly rated pharmaceutical malpractice attorney for a free case evaluation.


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