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Lyft Scooter Lawyer Washington DC

Lyft Scooter Lawyer Washington DC

Following an electric scooter accident in the DC area, you might be trying to cope with an overwhelming amount of pain and medical bills. Depending on the nature of your injuries, working may be impossible. At this point you may be wondering how you will recover your losses. As a Lyft scooter lawyer Washington DC has to offer its residents, what you should know at this point is that if your accident was the fault of another party, you may be able to recover monetary compensation.

Time is of the essence. Electric scooter injury cases are relatively new and tend to come with unique challenges. It is not recommended that you try to pursue a case without the help of a Washington DC Lyft scooter lawyer. For a consultation with a firm you can count on, call Cohen & Cohen, P.C.

The Lyft scooter lawyers of Cohen & Cohen, P.C. have decades of experience in handling a broad range of personal injury claims. Since the drastic increase in electric scooters, there has been an increase in related injuries. Many of these, according to doctors, are similar to those that result from a car accident.

Laws surrounding the use of electric scooters are still being formulated, but in DC, riders do have to follow rules such as:

  • Operators must be at least 16 years of age
  • A driver’s license is not required
  • Scooters cannot be operated on the sidewalk in the Business District, anywhere else is okay
  • Scooters can be operated in bike lanes
  • Helmets are not required

These laws are still being developed; however, this is not stopping companies like Lyft from selling and renting them to people who may lack the necessary experience in driving them.

As a Lyft scooter lawyer Washington DC can rely on, we know there could be a number of reasons for an accident to occur, but up to 50 percent of these collisions involve negligence. When negligence is a factor, monetary compensation may be recovered.

Common Types of Negligence in a Scooter Accident

  • A distracted driver
  • Driving under the influence
  • Poor road maintenance on part of the city
  • Obstacles or objects in the road or on the sidewalk
  • A cyclist who ignores the electric scooter driver
  • Poor maintenance of the electrical scooter
  • A parts defect

Knowing whether or not negligence is a factor is not always easy. You will likely need help from a Lyft scooter lawyer in Washington DC. If we find this is true after investigating the details of your case, we may recover:

  • Medical costs
  • Future medical treatment
  • Lost wages or loss of income
  • Lost education
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Punitive damages

Call our Lyft scooter lawyers to explore your legal options and rights during a free consultation.

The Importance of Retaining An Electric Scooter Lawyer

Electric scooter injury cases are often rife with challenges, this is particularly because they are a new form of legal matter, and there is limited legislation. This is one of the foremost reasons you should hire a Lyft scooter lawyer Washington DC can trust.

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