How to Stay Safe While Taking Bicycle Cruises

Frequently Asked Questions

A skilled Greenbelt, MD bicycle accident lawyer has the information you may need

Greenbelt MD bicycle accident lawyerAny Greenbelt, MD bicycle accident lawyer knows better than anyone that during warm weather, it is common for people to flock outdoors to participate in fun activities such as bike riding, swimming, hiking, jogging and more. However, the one thing about going on a bike ride is that riders can be at risk for being struck by a car driver that is simply not paying enough attention. Due to a driver’s lack of regard to bicyclists that may be sharing the road, this means riders must be even more alert and vigilant in order to prevent a painful collision. Here in this article, a skilled Greenbelt, MD bicycle accident lawyer has provided information about how bike riders can be more safe when venturing out for a cruise.

What are some safety tips that I should consider?

Every time a rider gets on two wheels and jets off, he or she should be considering potential threats of the road. The one major threat to bicyclists is the vehicle driver. A driver may be distracted due to cell phone use, being tired, daydreaming or even being intentionally reckless. A bike rider should consider the following safety tips to help lessen the chances and impact severity of being hit by a car, according to the Greenbelt, MD bicycle accident lawyer:

  1. Always wearing a helmet, no matter what. Even if you believe it looks goofy or silly, this padded shell can save your life. Never ride without it and keep it buckled snuggly at all times.
  2. If riding in the evening or night hours, consider purchasing reflective gear or even a soft blinking light to help become more noticeable for car drivers.
  3. Overall, try to wear brighter colors rather than dark tones. If you wear neutral shades of clothing, you may not be as readily seen within a driver’s peripheral vision.
  4. Learn hand signals, and use them often when sharing the road with cars. Even if not all drivers know exactly what hand signal you are using, they are at least alert to a maneuver you are making shortly.
  5. Perform regular maintenance checks on your bike and change any breaking parts immediately.

What should I do if I get hit by a car?

A good Greenbelt, MD bicycle accident lawyer will advise that, first and foremost, if you or a loved one is ever hit by a car you should call 911 for help right away. Do not postpone receiving a medical evaluation, as bicyclist injuries can be both agonizing and serious. The human body is very fragile if you compare it to the strength of the vehicle exterior. In the event of a car driver hitting a bicyclist, it is quite likely the rider shall suffer the most injuries.

When should I think about meeting with an attorney?

Those who have been injured and suffered losses due to the negligence of another party may be entitled to receiving financial compensation. A Greenbelt, MD bicycle accident lawyer can meet with you to help you decide if filing a lawsuit against the driver could prove fruitful. When meeting with an attorney for the first time, you should gather the following information for the consultation:

  1. Copies of medical expenses
  2. Any photographs taken at the scene
  3. Witnesses who saw the crash happen
  4. Copy of police incident report
  5. Costs for bicycle repairs

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