How Can a Lawyer Help When You Lose a Loved One to a Motorcycle Accident?

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DC Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

DC Motorcycle Accident LawyerWhen you lose a loved one to a motorcycle accident, a DC motorcycle accident lawyer cannot take away the pain and grief of your loss but it may help to alleviate some of the anxiety about not knowing what to do next.

Accidents by their very nature are unexpected; and the loss of someone from an accident can be devastating. It can feel even worse if their death was avoidable but happened because someone else was negligent.

In addition to your grief, a love one’s death may leave you with astronomical medical bills and the loss of your loved one’s income. These tragic circumstances are all too common and every motorcycle accident lawyer from Cohen & Cohen is well aware of how tragedies like these affect the entire family. The grief does not end.

When we seek the recovery of damages for our clients from the responsible party, we take into account the suffering of the survivors and how their lives will never be the same. Absolutely no amount of money can make up for your loss, but compensation can pay the bills. It can also punish those responsible for their egregious actions.

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Wrongful Death Suits and Personal Injury Claims

When a biker is killed due to an individual’s negligence, or the negligent actions of a company, the victim’s surviving spouse may be eligible to file a wrongful death suit with the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer. Even before your DC motorcycle accident lawyer files the lawsuit, they may attempt to get compensation for you by filing a personal injury claim with the at-fault party’s insurance carrier. In many instances, it’s been possible to avoid a trial when a motorcycle accident lawyer from our legal team negotiated a settlement.


When your DC motorcycle accident lawyer is able to negotiate a settlement it will save you the stress and expense of a trial. Another important point is that a trial does not have a guaranteed outcome. In addition, the defendant’s legal representatives may try to draw out the process in an effort to discourage you and wear you out. Their hope is that you’ll become desperate for funds to pay the overwhelming medical bills left over from your loved one’s accident and the loss of their income. In fact, they may offer you a less than fair settlement offer during the trial.

We will make every effort to negotiate with them before that time, and to be aggressive in our approach. Your Cohen & Cohen, Washington, DC motorcycle accident lawyer will collect the necessary evidence to build a rock solid case that can lead to a successful settlement offer.

Get Justice for Your Loved One

In some cases, victims’ families have been able to get justice for themselves and for their loved one who passed away unnecessarily. Pursuing a wrongful death suit and forcing the negligent party or parties to pay a sizeable settlement can make an example of them. In this way, it can prevent future tragedies because others take note of the outcomes that can occur.

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