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Left Turn Accidents

Left Turn Accidents Lawyer Washington DC

left turn accidentsIf you have been injured in one of the many left turn accidents that unfortunately happen in DC every day, it may be in your best interest to discuss your situation with a reliable left turn accidents lawyer Washington, DC accident victims and their families recommend. The sooner you contact a trustworthy lawyer who has successfully defended the rights of left turn accident victims, the sooner they may be able to start doing this for you.

In Washington, DC and many of its surrounding states, when someone is injured because of someone else’s negligence, reckless behavior or malice, the victim of this kind of injury may be entitled to compensation for expenses that are the result of their injuries. A left turn accidents lawyer that is licensed to protect the rights of victims in Washington, DC and its surrounding states, may be able to help you hold the party or parties that caused your injuries liable for them. The reliable team of left turn accidents lawyers at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. is licensed to protect people in DC, VA, and MD, as well as other states that are further away.

Many people assume that the driver that makes a left-hand turn that results in an accident is the driver that is responsible for causing the accident. This often is the case but not always. If the other driver or drivers were negligent in their driving behavior, they may be the one(s) who are liable for the accident even though it is more common for the driver making the left-turn to be more at fault when an accident occurs. Some of the common reasons that a driver who is not making a left-turn is found at fault for causing an accident involving a vehicle making a left turn include:

  • The driver was driving significantly over the speed limit when they were going through an intersection
  • The driver that was driving straight ran or rolled through a stop light or stop sign
  • The driver that was driving straight was impaired due to intoxication from alcohol or drugs, including prescription and over the counter medications
  • The driver was not supposed to be driving, for example, a person who is not supposed to drive because they have a condition that causes seizures, or someone was unable to renew their license because of a failed driving or eyesight, etc. test.

These are just a few of the more common reasons that a driver making a left turn in an accident may benefit from discussing their accident with a Washington, DC left turn accidents lawyer.

It is never pleasant to be in an accident but when a driver making a left turn in an accident is really not at fault in the kind of accident where the blame is typically put on the left-turn driver, it can be especially frustrating.

For a highly rated left turn accidents lawyer Washington, DC is fortunate to have in its midst, contact Cohen & Cohen, P.C., today.

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