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E-Cigarette Law Firm Even though many smokers switched to e-cigarettes because they thought they were healthier than regular cigarettes, ill and injured people are looking for a good e-cigarette law firm Washington DC residents can trust. Although e-cigarettes are often touted as safer than smoking tobacco, they have been known to cause lung disease. They can also cause burns and other injuries related to the devices overheating, catching on fire, or exploding.

If you or someone you love has become the victim of lung disease because of e-cigarettes, or has been injured by using one of these devices, you may be entitled to compensation. To help you determine whether or not you have a claim that you might be able to get compensation for, contact the Washington DC injury lawyers of Cohen & Cohen who are skilled with product liability law. The dedicated firm of Cohen & Cohen, P.C. has 30+ years of experience helping people with product liability cases. We are available to discuss your situation with you and to give you a free case evaluation. Someone is available take your call any time of the day or evening, 365 days a year. For an e-cigarette law firm Washington DC is fortunate to have in its midst, contact us today.

When a person “smokes” an e-cigarette, it is commonly known as, vaping. The term, vape, can be used interchangeably with, e-cigarette. As well, some people may refer to an e-cigarette as a pen.

An e-cigarette contains a cartridge that is filled with a nicotine solution and has a small battery in the device that is used to heat the nicotine solution. When heated, the liquid nicotine turns into a vapor that the user inhales and exhales like smoke. While you can see the vapor when someone exhales the same way you can when someone exhales a regular cigarette, it does not have the odor of cigarette smoke. Some e-cigarettes contain flavors such as cherry, lemon or chocolate. The vapor that is exhaled often smells like the scent of the flavor.

The nicotine that is used in the solution used in e-cigarettes is the same nicotine that is in cigarettes, nicotine patches and other nicotine related products. The nicotine solution used in e-cigarettes contains neurotoxins which are said to be poisonous when ingested, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin or eyes.

Because e-cigarettes are a fairly new technology, they were not initially regulated with anywhere near the stringency of the tobacco industry. It was not until 2016 that the FDA announced that minors are no longer allowed to purchase or consume e-cigarettes. Even with this restriction though, childproofing is not required on the e-cigarettes themselves nor are e-cigarette companies required to put warnings on the packaging or devices.

Because of the limited restrictions on e-cigarettes, if you or someone you love has become ill or injured because of e-cigarettes, it may be in your best interest to have a law firm on your side that is experienced with successfully protecting product liability victims. For an e-cigarette law firm Washington DC is proud to call its own, contact Cohen & Cohen, P.C.

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