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Faulty product law firm Washington DC

Faulty or Malfunctioning Product Even though there are many laws and regulations that are based on the premise that all consumers in the U.S. have a basic right to safe and effective products, the need for a good faulty product firm Washington DC residents can rely on, is on the rise.

If a product has a design flaw or manufacturing defect, or if the manufacturer and/or seller takes inadequate safety precautions or is guilty of faulty marketing, an injured consumer may be entitled to seek compensation for their injuries and the financial hardships that come with it. This may be done through a product liability claim or lawsuit. Product liability laws differ from state to state but typically, a few things have to proven. One of these is that the plaintiff’s injury exists, and another one is that one or more party’s negligence in the design, manufacturing, distribution and in some case selling of an item is what caused the victim’s injuries. The parties involved in these things each have a legal responsibility to consumers to ensure that a product or good is safe for consumption. Other theories of liability that govern product liability claims are, breach of warranty, and consumer protection claims. Product liability is based on the premise that ll consumers have a basic right to safe and effective products.

If you have been injured by a faulty or malfunctioning product in Washington DC or the surrounding areas, contact the Washington DC injury lawyers of Cohen & Cohen, P.C. We have over thirty years of experience in successfully defending the rights of product liability, personal injury victims. A member of our dedicated legal team is available to give injured people and their family’s a free consultation and case evaluation. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we may be able to start collecting evidence and doing research to build you a strong case in the hopes of getting you the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to. For a highly rated faulty product law firm that faulty product injury victims and their families can trust, contact Cohen & Cohen, P.C., today.

In filing a personal injury, product liability claim, a person may be able to recover compensation for a variety of damages including medical bills, lost wages, property damage, harms and losses, and punitive damages. In the event of a loved one’s death the surviving family members and/or the deceased’s estate may seek compensation for funeral and burial costs, loss of benefits, loss of consortium, loss of parental guidance, and other reasons not mentioned here.

Almost any product is considered dangerous or defective if it poses a potential to harm those who consume it. In this sense, “consume” just means that a consumer uses it in the way it is intended to be used.

Common Types of Dangerous and Defective Products
The following list is examples of dangerous or defective products that have been known to injure consumers. This list is in no way exhaustive nor is it meant to be legal advice in any away:

– Over the counter medicines
– Prescription drugs
– Toys
– Baby products
– Children’s clothing
– Automobiles, trucks, vans and other modes of transportation
– Recreational vehicles
– E-cigarettes
– Medical products and devices
– Pools and spas
– Hand held devices
– Space heaters
– Fireworks
– Foods

If you have been injured because of a faulty or malfunctioning product, or if someone close to you has died because of this, you may be entitled to compensation. For an experienced faulty product law firm Washington DC is proud to call its own, contact Cohen & Cohen, P.C.

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