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DUI lawyer Silver Spring MD

DUI lawyer Silver Spring MDA DUI lawyer Silver Spring MD needs is one that understands all the facts. Driving under the influence, better known as a DUI, can have extremely damaging consequences. Generally speaking, a DUI occurs when a driver’s driving is impeded by the consumption of substances such as alcohol. However, each state has its own laws regarding exactly what qualifies as a DUI. Almost always, a DUI is measured by the blood alcohol content (BAC) in an individual — a number which is determined usually by a breathalyzer. In Maryland, driving under the influence refers to anyone who gets behind the wheel with a blood alcohol content of .08 percent or higher.

DUI can result in serious penalties, which is why it is important to have a DUI lawyer Silver Spring MD residents can count on. DUI accidents can result in serious damage to all parties involved including the driver, any passengers, and all cars that are within the vicinity of the impaired driver. These accidents may cause only damage to the vehicles involved, but often the consequences are much more severe. Whether it be broken bones or head injuries or even fatalities, injuries that result from DUI collisions are serious. For this reason, the penalties can be severe. In addition to hefty medical expenses, the legal repercussions can led to further inconveniences. Some of the most common penalties for a DUI include:

– Fines
– Mandatory substance education
– Suspension of vehicle
– Confiscation of license
– Jail time
– Prison
– Mandatory car breathalyzer

A DUI lawyer Silver Spring MD locals can trust is one that will fight to defend you no matter what the case is. An attorney that specializes in driving under the influence understands that effect of the consumption of a substance can have varying effects on one’s driving. Depending on the blood alcohol content of an individual, the effect of a DUI can vary dramatically. It is crucial to understand this in order to best assess your case. The effects of driving under the influence can be:

– Blurry vision
– Lack of coordination
– Delayed reaction time
– Difficulty steering
– Inability to control speed
– Inability to stay in one lane
– Inability to brake
– Memory loss
– Delayed auditory responses

A DUI lawyer Silver Spring MD needs is someone who knows that a DUI case can happen to anyone. While the consequences can be extremely dangerous — and even fatal —, DUI accidents happen more often than we would like to believe. In fact, recent studies suggest that approximately one in three people will be involved in a drunk driving accident in their lifetime in the United States.

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