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Drunk Driving Accidents – Washington DC

Washington DC Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys

The facts surrounding drunk driving are startling. There are thousands of sites and organizations dedicated to spreading the word about the effects of driving while under the influence of alcohol and yet, one person every 53 minutes is killed in an accident involving a drunk driver. Drunk driving accounts for about 1/3 of both motor vehicle and bicycle fatalities and close to 1/2 of pedestrian fatalities each year. Despite the facts, millions of drivers per year nationwide drive while under the influence of alcohol. In 2012 in Washington, DC Metro Region, over 50,000 drunk driving arrests were made.

Any person driving while under the influence of alcohol is exhibiting negligent behavior, and this negligence has a variety of consequences, including property damage, serious injuries, and thousands of deaths, each of which can be extremely expensive and stressful. If you or someone you know is the victim of a drunk driving accident you should seek legal counsel immediately. There are many additional factors to consider when filing a claim against a drunk driver, including how much the driver was drinking, where they were drinking, and who they were drinking with. Although the laws vary by state, the person or establishment responsible for providing alcohol to the intoxicated person that was behind the wheel can often be held accountable for the resulting accident caused by that drunk driver.

Drunk driving is serious and dangerous and poses multiple threats to drivers and pedestrians every day. If you were injured, or had your property damaged, as the result of an intoxicated driver in Washington, DC, contact the automobile accident lawyer Washington DC has come to trust. Cohen & Cohen, P.C. is here to make a plan of action and to ensure that all of the facts are being found in order to gain the maximum amount of compensation for your damages, injuries and losses.


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