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Cruise Line Accidents

Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer Services in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia


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Cruise Line Accidents

Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer Services in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia

Cruise accident lawyers handle different types of cruise line cases. As the fleets of cruise lines begin to age poorly, cruise line accidents and incidents are all over the media. Individuals hoping to get a ten day vacation onboard a cruise ship can end up with anything from food or water poisoning, to slipping and breaking a bone, to enduring a complete collapse of the cruise ship’s power, sewage, and propelling system. Modern luxury cruises became popular in the 1980s, as a niche-market for people who wanted a vacation and enjoyed life at sea. Many of the cruise ships made when cruises first became popular, and before, are still in service. If you’re in need of a lawyer due to cruise incidents or any other vehicle, contact the automobile accident lawyer Washington DC can rely on. 

Cruise Line Accident AttorneysMost of the ships operating in cruise line fleets are aging quickly. If routine maintenance is skipped or done without the attention to detail that it requires, the ships can start to fall apart. Many of the cruise line accidents making the news today are caused by faulty or failing machinery.

Both fun-seeking passengers and members of the crew can get injuries while aboard a cruise ship. Members of the cruise ship crew can sustain work-related injuries such as falls, equipment-related injuries, injuries related to cruise ship accidents while working, and injuries related to being assaulted while working. See out the Workers Compensation Law Firm Washington DC trusts if this sounds relevant to you. Passengers can sustain similar injuries while on board a cruise ship, including slip-and-falls, injuries related to cruise ship accidents, or even assault.

Our Cruise Line Accident Attorneys Are Experienced Maritime Law Specialists

If you or a friend or family member were injured by a cruise ship accident or incident or sustained an injury while aboard a cruise ship, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Injuries that happen while aboard a cruise ship, if the ship was not at a port, are generally subject to maritime law, also known as admiralty law. Maritime law is a body of law constituted by a combination of domestic law that governs maritime activities as well as private international law, which governs the relationships between private organizations or entities that operate ocean vessels.

Because maritime law is a combination of domestic law and private international law, maritime litigation can be pretty complicated. For this reason, maritime litigation should always be carried out by an intelligent attorney who has experience with maritime law. The cruise line accident attorneys at Cohen & Cohen have widespread experience in the areas of cruise line accidents and have partner firms who handle maritime litigation.

If you or someone that you care about has been injured in a cruise line accident or incident, get in touch with the cruise line accident attorneys at Cohen & Cohen today to get an estimation of how much financial compensation you or the person you care about could be entitled to. Maritime litigation can be tough to carry out so make sure you call immediately so the attorneys at Cohen & Cohen can begin your case today! Regardless of your particular situation, Cohen & Cohen has an attorney for you. Let our qualified, professional attorneys give your case their personal attention and see how much compensation you could recover.


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