Can I Receive Workers’ Compensation for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

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workers compensation lawyers Tysons VAWorkers compensation lawyers Tysons,VA residents rely on will likely inform you that post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD, could occur if you have suffered a trauma in any type of setting, which includes at work. Most states allow for employees to make workers’ compensation claims for PTSD, however not all states do. To be able to qualify for benefits for PTSD, an employee must have witnessed or experienced a traumatic event while doing something related to their employment and then suffered symptoms of PTSD that interferes with their ability to work. Another requirement to be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits for PTSD is that the employee must be formally diagnosed with PTSD from a psychologist or psychiatrist. Workers compensation lawyers in Tysons,VA know all too well that filing for workers’ compensation can be an uphill battle. If you suffer from PTSD caused by a traumatic event related to work, you may want to contact legal professionals near you.

Mental Illness Workers’ Compensation Claims

There are three broad categories that a workers’ compensation claim can be classified as when they related to mental illness:

  • Physical-Mental: A physical-mental illness would be a physical illness or injury that results in a mental illness. An example would be if an employee fell off a ladder and because of the fall, they suffer from chronic back pain which caused them to become severely depressed. Trusted workers compensation lawyers in Tysons,VA should know how to handle these illnesses.  
  • Mental-Physical: A mental-physical illness would involve a mental condition that manifests itself into some type of physical illness or injury. An example of this would be if someone has anxiety which causes them to have high blood pressure.
  • Mental-Mental: A mental-mental illness would be a psychological stimulus that creates mental health syndromes. Ths would be when an employee experiences a traumatic event at work and develops PTSD afterwards.

Mental-mental workers’ compensation claims are usually the most difficult types of cases to win. There are many restrictions on what classifies as a “work-related PTSD event”. Some states do not allow a workers’ compensation case to be made for PTSD and other states require that the traumatic event must be unusual for that type of job. Speaking with workers compensation lawyers from Tysons,VA may help you figure this out.

Skeptical Insurance Companies and PTSD Claims

It is a difficult battle to having to file for workers’ compensation because of PTSD, no matter if the benefits are paid by the state, an insurance company, or your employer. It is not uncommon for claims involving PTSD to be heavily scrutinized. This is especially true if you have ever filed for workers’ compensation in the past. Oftentimes, a workers’ compensation fraud investigator will look into your personal life to determine if your symptoms related to PTSD are real and if they are related to an event at your workplace. The investigation could include looking into your credit report, speaking with supervisors and coworkers, and looking through medical records to determine if there could have been a preexisting condition.

Tysons,VA workers compensation lawyers will typically tell you that it is important if you have PTSD from a workplace incident that you obtain treatment with a psychiatrist or psychologist. Your physician should provide an in-depth report about your symptoms as well as give their written opinion about how your symptoms will prevent or limit your ability to go back to work. You may also want to receive written statements from coworkers, friends, and family members regarding your limitations based on PTSD symptoms.

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