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A Workers Compensation Lawyer Baltimore, MD Trusts Can Help

Workers Compensation Lawyer Baltimore MDHiring a workers compensation lawyer Baltimore, MD workers recommend can be a critical step in increasing a workers chance to receive the maximum amount of workers compensation benefits that the worker may be entitled to.

What is workers compensation supposed to cover?

Even though Maryland employers with one or more employee are required to carry workers compensation insurance for their employees (with very few exceptions to this rule) the compensation offered to employees who are injured on the job or who become ill because of their job, is often not all of the compensation they are entitled to- nor is it enough to cover all of their injury related expenses. Workers who are injured on the job are supposed to receive compensation:

  • To meet their immediate and on-going medical expenses
  • For loss of income
  • For other expenses caused by their work related injury or illness

A common problem for employees who receive workers compensation insurance is that even though at the time that they were offered it it seemed like a good idea because they would not have to pay out of pocket for their injury or illness, in the long run, accepting this often winds up costing them financially and in other ways. This is one of the many reasons people recommend getting help from a workers compensation lawyer in Baltimore (or anyplace in MD) before workers suffering from work related injuries or illnesses, accept workers compensation from their employer.

Hidden Costs of Work Related Injuries and Illnesses

Many people who are injured on the job are fortunately, not already familiar with suffering from job-related injuries and illnesses. This is a good thing except for when it comes to not having had a prior need to be educated about their rights; and not knowing that workers compensation insurance companies and the doctors that they have victims of work related accidents and illnesses go to for treatment, do not always have the health of a workers financial future at the forefront of how they determine what an injured worker needs to recover from their illness or accident.

An experienced workers compensation lawyer who is familiar with Baltimore, MD workers compensation insurance companies and their doctors, may be able to help you to understand some of the problems the future may have in store for the worker and their family.

In addition to the costs of work-related injuries mentioned above, many workplace accident victims find out about the many additional costs and problems that victims and their families often suffer from after a worker accepts the terms of their employer’s workers compensation insurance. These may include but are not limited:

  • Medical bills for future problems that can arise as the result of a workplace injury or illness
  • Long-term, sometimes permanent loss of abilities that prevent an injured worker from ever truly recovering from their injury or illness
  • Having to hire people to take care of daily responsibilities such as cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, taking care of children, and driving family members to school, work, activities, etc.
  • Loss of quality of life because of ongoing health problems
  • Depression as a result of financial problems and/or no longer being able to do the things the victim is used to doing

These are just a few of some of the many unfortunate things that are often the result of a workplace injury or illness. It is important for injured workers to protect themselves and their families by being knowledgeable about their rights, and by being educated about potential problems related to their injury or illness, that the future may have in store. Many people find this is easiest to do with the help of workers compensation lawyers from Cohen & Cohen who are familiar with Baltimore, MD courts.

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