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Birth Injury Lawyer Washington DC

Maryland Birth Injury AttorneyMost people cannot fathom their new baby being less than perfect when they are born but it is a horrible reality that many new parents require the help of the personal injury lawyers Washington DC families can rely on in difficult times like yours.

Most parents-to-be do all sorts of things prior to a baby’s birth to help ensure its healthy and safe arrival to the world. People try to become as healthy as they can be in anticipation of having a little person who will need both physical and emotional care and guidance. Parents to be do many different things including but not limited to, changing their diets, starting to exercise or exercise more, they take vitamins, they get rid of anything remotely toxic from their home environment, they baby proof their homes well in advance of the little one being born let alone able to walk. People take classes, go to therapy, and when possible, take time off of work when the baby arrives.

The birth of one’s child should be a joyous (albeit often painful and messy) occasion. Yet some people’s experience quickly turns from Hollywood romance to a horror story when their baby is injured during birth.

When the organs and tissues of a child are damaged because of complications during birth, it is often referred to as a “birth injury”. This can be caused because of negligence of a doctor or other healthcare provider during the deliver. Common causes of birth injuries because of neglect include but are not limited to:
– Unreasonable delay in performing a C-Section when the mom or baby are
showing signs of distress
– Failing to detect a baby’s neck being wrapped by the umbilical cord
– Misdiagnosis of conditions prior to birth
– Failure to perform prenatal tests
– Lack of oxygen to the fetus during birth

The initial aftershock of having your baby injured at birth often does not prepare the parents, siblings, grandparents and other relatives and good friends for the road that lies ahead. Birth injuries can cause lifelong physical and mental disabilities.

If you are confronting the awful reality that your beautiful new baby is suffering from injuries sustained during the birth process, contact a birth injury lawyer Washington DC residents are fortunate to have available to them. The compassionate and experienced legal team at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. is available to discuss your difficult situation and help you to understand whether or not you have a case that they can help you to seek compensation for. Knowing what your rights are may help you to make important decisions during this stressful and difficult time. Knowing that you and your family have an ally who wants to fight tirelessly for their and their baby’s rights can give some people some amount of solace knowing that that they are doing everything they can to ensure that they have the means to take care of their injured baby as time goes on.

If you and your loved ones are facing the fact that your baby was injured during birth, discuss your situation with a highly rated birth injury lawyer Washington DC families can turn for these kinds of problems, at Cohen & Cohen, P.C.

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